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Wednesday, August 6, 2008 - 8:07 PM
Back to top, baby.
back to school shopping:
i want black oxfords :S
what the fuck does one wear with a kilt besides nastyyyyyyyy flats?
this for now...
aa never fails............... sigh..... i'm so weird
its times like THESE ^^ i wish i had bigger feet. i wish the pink detail was more prominant but i really need some NICE kicks i honestly live in UGLY ASS CHUCKS I HATE CHUCKS
some jeremy scott rip off hahaa........ how nice would this be, though

i like the classic colours and i knowwww im trying to stay away from chucks but who knows of any good all black shoes, really? :/

no shit, aa.

everyone needs 1 at some point in their lives.

coming out aug 20th... ill leave it to these to be splurge of the year.
(nts: $old out, collette)
SOOOOOOO glad i waited after aokis.......
i hear justice and daft will be making WESC collabs?! FUCKKK IT HURRY UP :(!!!!
hmmmm....... still, though! idk..... i might just go for these, theyre sooo cute and spacey

my beloved cousin bought me supreme stickers and im forcing her to hunt me down some takashi murakami ones.
fuck i need a board!!!!!! USELESS.

i so badly want a boy who collects kidrobot toys, wears flannel shirts and qt kicks and glasses and will bike with me =)
one day.

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