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Saturday, August 2, 2008 - 5:47 PM
Back to top, baby.
i'm praying this whole "go green" thing isn't just a fad.
i'm really happy for the changes, slow but steady we're making as a global community.
also awareness for others is growing, poverty is being acknowledge. it's unfortunate that it took us so many years to realize this.

i can't wait to head out of suburbia!!!

this year i know i've grown so well. i've gained a lot of interest in politics, history (they kind of intertwine...), economics, geography.

another reason to love south park:
they actually teach you educational things, seriously.
recall: the starbucks capitalist episode... it shows the good and bad of the situation and the feelings within the two parties (one side uses kids as a ploy and shows starbucks in bad light, the other side is taking over showing the effects of globalization but in the end the city begins to accept it realizing that if the small business is really good, they can be as great as the big business! furthermore, it's hilarious. when the small business owner starts talking like a commercial and we CANT... forget the underwear gnomes.)

some good music to listen to that may encourage activeness and political reform:
uhm RATM, duh... pure leftist government stance..... what else can i say, a good one is renegades of funk, my personal favourite; takes you on a trip of history and awareness of certain people of importance to todays society.
no handlebars - flobots: i just heard this song during work, it's pretty good, catchy, and hopefullly people actually listen to the words of the song
sleeping in - postal service: a little tidbit of that song mentions global warming....
kenji - fort minor: a history lesson about internment camps in the US, this should teach you about world war two that that allies weren't so innocent. then again, axis did horrible things. internment camps were also in canada. both powers would do mass-rapings, more specifically russia (if they count as allies???? :S) and the red army and the japanese who drafted many koreans. i'm sure they're all sorry, and i'm not feeding this knowledge to make you fear any races but to tell you that EVERYONE suffers and EVERYONE at one point makes mistakes in history.
you know whats weird, theres female separate subways in a country i won't name. good for them because theyre taking action but then again; what does this show?? female harassment. there is still a gender bias prevailing. educate yourself, people. it makes you feel smug and shit.

of course theres more and im too lazy to surf through my itunes collection but..
don't let these songs fool you they are really kind of attacking the government, which is corrupt at some points, but i think we need it. don't let anything impose what you believe in. people can be contradicting.

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