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Friday, August 29, 2008 - 10:44 AM
Back to top, baby.
So yesterday was Eleisha's SWEET 15 =*)
It was QUITE grand, haha. I'm glad she had fun!
I hateddddd how I thought it was a surprise party but EVERYONE BUT ME knew that she already found out a week ago, haha. How foolish of me :P
Anyhow, first met up with the boys, got hot chocolate and waited at Playdium.
We got there and met her friends and these two guys, crazy at DDR. We first went go karting, me, the boys (all of them), and eleisha. Me and eleisha went 3 laps, it was cool cool cool beans! :) (1 lap at first then we liked it so much we did 2 the next time). WE'RE SUCH ASIAN DRIVERS, she almost ran over the guys, ahah. I got to use the Playdium cards with 150 credits!! It was awesome, we just House of the Deaded, this co-op racing game, DDR'd (loooooool)! It was sooo cute, I just want to download LOVE♥SHINE right now, it's the cutest! :)Afterwards, we took the 61 to Little Ceasers, bought 3 pizzas, crazy bread, walked to my place and played JUMBO CARDS (lol), cheat, and more card games while later the guys would play halo and rock band.
I specially dedicated SABOTAGE - Beastie Boys to Eleisha, of course! :P
Later when everyone left, my beloved MONCHRON came to pick up everyone! I WAS HAVING WITHDRAWAL but I also had to keep in my rage that she's dealing with AFFLICKIE *heart is broken*

Anyways, today I am going to PMALL with the famsss
Tomorrow I've got a photoshoot with the family, and Demetres.
Sunday and Monday IT'S WORK! :(

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