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Friday, August 8, 2008 - 7:31 AM
Back to top, baby.
things to do:
buy materials fr my project (in private post)
- buy urban planet decorative dress
-get wwk tix for my neighbours (how am i gonna do that :(!!!!)

things to do TODAY:
-finish d/ling rest of skins season 1 -> burn to disc for chuuuuuuuchuutrain
-figure out this paypal dealllllio on my flats and sailor dress
-buy jace's present
- find out if im working today -_-
i have some ideas for jace's bday but im still undecided.... i want to get him a cute hipster outfit/prep/hypebeaast LOLLLZ i wanna get him a baby fitted that actually fits but i cant get to the new era flag ship store today...... OR CAN I!?!?!?! :O well see, i better get ready then.

otherwise, this is what im thinking of getting that little poop man. he honestly has everything he could possibly want............... and i mean everything: basketball net, motorcycle, safari car thingy, pushing car, drums, nice clothes, all the coolest little messy car toys in the world........ :S its so hard buying stuff for ppl who have it all, i might still just do that video but i want to get him soemthing else, too

it turns into 8 different trucks!! hahah i'm amazed............
k maybe i just want this for myself :S hahah its a bubble blower!
crash talking lightning mcqueen... he loves cars and loves talking (he's so "daldal") but i just hope this is big i hate little shit it gets all over the haussss :@!
joes in love with UEFA 08 for ps3 and jace is always watching, when its him and a soccerball that kid goes off.... normally a net is just boring but this has "super sounds" LOOOL k im intruiged but this kid deserves MORE hes my heart!! (even though hes not really quite comfortable with me...... YET ahhah)
he has the clothes for this, he's got that class, hahhaha and my dad can bring him golfing but im afraid he wont enjoy it!!!!!!!!

what to get..........
keep in mind my budget is 50

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