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Saturday, September 13, 2008 - 8:33 PM
Back to top, baby.

Stole these pix offa Ally, aren't they the cutest? Not sure if she made them or not... knowing her she probably could. We've got a ton of tricks up our sleeves, my friends.
Today I didn't blow dry my hair.
Unfortunately, however, I used shampoo and conditioner... PANTENE.

Pantene has been a trusty best friend of mine since as long as I can remember, but after some researching, I discovered it isn't so healthy for you.
While I was showering I read the label and I found the first sign that they're hiding something: they're obviously not natural because of the ingredients. All these big sciencey words used to describe what the fuck they put in your hair to kill it but make it soft at the same time. When really, half the bax is (apparently) wax.
If you ask me I would rather have healthy hair than healthy looking. Especially since I am growing it out.

Starting now I am on a hunt for jojoba oil and aloe.... anyone have any other good hair recommendations?
I've read about horse shampoo.. hmmm... :S
BUT right now I'm just looking for natural shit because my hair is so ugly and died at the ends. I love how it's long but I want it up to past my bum long!
Temporarily I think I'll be using Garnier Fructis or Herbal Essences... not too sure. Those are the affordable ones, atleast. They sell ike 50$ ojon crap @ sephora! LOL wtf :(

I think I have a weekly goal: beautiful hair, lol.

Aside from genetics, what you eat is a big factor on the healthiness of your hair.
Naturally, my hair is really thick. After years w/ Pantene and HORRIBLE horrible bad hair habits and chemicals galore, it's gone a lot thinner, and it sort of makes me depressed.

I hope to get a 1 cm trim (lol) soon because I LOOVE long hair! I cannot ever have short hair but lately I've been considering it so that I can cut off the dyed, dried, nastyness and grow my hair the way mother nature intended it to.. sort of to start new?

I love starting new, la la la.

Some suggestions I've been hearing: vitamins [biotin]? really? and yeah.. jojoba oil.. I'm not too sure that's healthy because its just putting more stuff into your hair, yea?

new daily hair routine:
*need shower cap lmfaooooo*
  1. shower at nights (fuck)... do not blow dry, but brush to detangle so hopefully it is straightened
  2. wake up, do not straighten (!!!)... perhaps maybe to deflaw kinks
  3. shower at night (do not wet hair!!!)
  4. wake up and do hair (do not tie up.... causes breakage to frail hair)
  5. rinse and repeat?
  6. ???
  7. profit

SOOOOO Should I dye it all black? hahahahaha :( :(

I can only dream:

burning Amerian History x for Artemio
downloading greek season 1
wallowing in dispair
annoyed as fuck at certain people (monee knows.... hint: SHOWCASE... lol jk)
crushing on random people (lol!)
wanting a FPOBA marathon

Who knew writing about hair could be so fun....

When really, half the bax is (apparently) wax.
Apparently I'm a NEW YO'KA.

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