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Monday, October 6, 2008 - 9:03 AM
Back to top, baby.
I rarely visit sites like nymag.com/style.com anymore. Today since I am not at school, I finally did take a look and caught up a bit.

Chanel didn't really... wow... me.
I liked Sonia Rykiel's designs made by other people than her own (lol)
TBH some shows were just boring and inimaginative. (except House of Holland... that was bottom line: plain FUG)

Erin Fetherston's ethereal spring 2009 rtw is fresh, girly, and whimsical.
Although a tad repetitive, it was overall my favourite show.

Maybe it's just me...... but I love everything she does. I think we both definetly share a love for the sunnier seasons.

To achieve this look, try these:
(Wilfred artist series)

I really like the wilfred artist series pocket tank, but what's a girl to wear in fall!?

Taking second place is Peter Som.
I'm a bit biased with my taste... this spring I am just envisioning strong pastel hues and neutral overtones.

Honorable mentions:

I don't really understand why they don't just mash spring and summer together, they're viturally the same in most places. Some actually look a bit summery than springy.
ANYWAYS, we're still in fall. Every major fashionista's fave. season.
But really? hehe.. not me :( I go weak for the sun and bare (hairy) arms! I hate cardigans/sweaters/whatever/leggins/boots and I just can't stand being cold!!!!! Maybe I am just bitching coz I can't find the perfect clothes. Is it me or has fashion grown to be less enjoyable? Previously, I would enjoy taking trips to the mall to window shop/dream/drool about every thread of clothing in every store but nowadays it is so rare to even find that perfect "piece" and not grow unsatisfied with it after. Do you agree?

It's hard to incorporate such elaborate, trendy, and expensive designs into a 15-year-old girl's wardrobe.
The style I find myself often trying to imitate would be Blair Waldorf- but a Blair Waldorf that appreciates urban lifestyle and vintage-like pieces and lives in a one bedroom apartment. I looove her, jebus. She's my muse. She is effortlessly & flawlessly CLASSY. It doesn't even look like she wears make-up....Her style is kinda similar to Audrey Hepburn.

Damn that (lucky) mother chucker...

Lily: (to Serena) Don't leave your dirty package on the table.
Chuck: If I had a nickel for every time I heard that.
Bart: That's enough Chuck.

Serena: Okay let's get one thing straight. Our parents might be insisting on blending our households but I am not your sister. I do not share any of your DNA, nor do I ever wish to.
Chuck: Then I suggest you get new hand towels.

Nate: She's right Serena, I mean none of us are saints.
Blair: [points at Chuck] Yeah, I had sex with him in the back of a limo.
Chuck: Several times.
Nate: I had sex with you, at a wedding while I was her date. [looks at Chuck] Once.
Blair: [looks at Chuck]
Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass!

Blair: I came to congratulate you in person. You ruined my relationship with Nate, Serena, all of my friends. Even little Jenny thinks she's too good for me. So, Bravo. Just like you wanted. I have no one to turn to but you.
Chuck: Actually, you don't even have me.
Blair: Enough.
Chuck: I'll try to be more succinct. You held a certain fascination when you were beautiful, delicate and untouched. But now you're like one of the Arabians my father used to own. Rode hard and put away wet. I don't want you anymore. And I can't see why anyone else would.

oh my effing god!

I really like the following styles, featuring a twist on classic pieces:

*preordering?? should i? already have a stupid blazer...

  • I really want green or brown contacts.. i have turquoise and amethyst and they DO look fucking unnatural..... obvi all coloured contacts are unnatural on asians but still.. LOL I hate not having colorful eyes, it makes my asian eyes stand out. I actually also want new glasses. I want these Chanel ones that are HUGE granny-ish... LOL
  • I also kinda want a simple corset. my sister has a floral one from f21 and I'm dying to steal it, but I probz can't even, coz I don't have boobs and I'm too pussy to take anything from her.... Should I just ask? LOL.
  • I'm really disappointed that I still don't have oxfords. I guess I can't rock them because I'll just end up looking AWKWARD :(
  • http://handmeover.blogspot.com ..... I admire her bravery in the name of fashion sooo much
  • should I buy black lame leggings? You guys.. I'm on my last hundred....
  • I know this is an extremely long post, and I still haven't started Friday's hmwk... but... http://lookbook.nu/user/3236-Hannah-S omg :*)
  • Trying so hard to stray away from fucking AMERICAN APPAREL but I kind of want this...
  • fml.....