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Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - 4:14 PM
Back to top, baby.
Tomorrow's Tim's bday so I did so much preparation for that likkle scamp.
... After school I went to sq1 and I got him his fitteds *cough* I mean for my "friend" (LOL)
Went to some card shops and spent like 20 bucks @ Carlton Cards :'( i hate when I get all artsy coz I get all spendy!!!
I bought him robot wrapping paper for his locker (wow we're lame but who cares) a box for the hats, a Hannah Montana gift card, a shark shaped box for the cupcakes and cake mixes at Wal-mart!

To Do:
  • Owe Tim 20 dollars for.. yknow... juicage 8-)
  • Hanvir owes me half of the cost of the fitteds
  • Pay 10 bucks for Michelles bbq?? maybe.. idk....awk + I dont wanna pay lmfao :(
  • Decorate locker with Jorwin tomorrow
  • Bake chocolate cupcakes
  • Tim owes me half of aa sweater for Nikki
  • Skip French tomorrow :) yayy to bid farewell to my parents
  • Figure out what to do tomorrow
  • Party on friday!!!!! Crash bandacooter @ Tims
  • Downtown plus Nuit Blanche with Monee *GET MOMS GO PASS*
  • Get moneyyyy!!
  • Demetres on Sunday
  • Focus on school wooooooowwwwwww
Fun week fun week

Now I just gotta do homework.
Later bitches.

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