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Friday, November 21, 2008 - 3:35 PM
Back to top, baby.
Current Desktop:
I'm just wondering why it says "THA CARTER"?!?!?

I was having such a downer day.
I refuse to go out to Danny's tonight with everyone or watching Twilight with Miarka, Eleisha and Alyssa because I'M JUST SO DOPE HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE ALL ALONE AT HOME DOING NOTHING.

Haha, but in all seriousness.... For some strange reason I think my mom loves it when I'm depressed and socially isolated so I'm going to do her a favour tonight and not go out. She always says "You go out every week." WELL??~?!?!?!??!! Like seriously, what the FUCK. WHO DOESN'T.................... -_-

I wish she was more lenient on me....... She just won't get off my dick. I guess coz she cares? ANYWAYS, I'm not complaining.. just.....whining.......... ahhaha.

Things that made my day
  • animal crossing: city folk videos on youtube (yo fuck you, ahah!)
  • lookbook
So tomorrow I'm getting my DRESS :)
It's a beaut, you guys, and it's totally "me"

I have the black one right now, but it's not at all flattering on my body :( I'm sad......... Maybe my teal one will grow on me? (I'm exchanging it tomorrow, my mom got the wrong one)
Just in case, I want to try this one on. it looks stunning and it's such a pretty colour, easy to find jewellery, shoes, and fun to do make-up with. Maybe I could add a bow in the back? middle? We'll see. It's also so much cheaper :/
I just hope we can go downtown this week, I'm dying to go!

  1. get fucking CONTACTS :@
  3. find semi shoes
  4. find someone to do my make-up
  5. decide on dress
  6. buy ticket
  7. clean room and downstairs
  8. homework tonight
  9. find a MFing JOB!

Love you guys. ♥

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