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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 - 4:54 PM
Back to top, baby.
is me!!! :(

That list did not do justice so I DELETED IT.
There are so many things I want for cmas but it's unbelievable how my parents are acting this Christmas. This Christmas we're having no presents.......
HAHA okay I know this is so spoiled of me for bitching about this but....... uhm.... it's that one day of the year I have a reason to be spoiled and ask for things.

oh well...

  1. jeffrey cambell buberry prorsum knock offs duh
  2. a chanel-esque clutch
  3. half-tint glasses @ aa
  4. princess of the posse shirt
  5. cigarette holder like holly golightly
  6. holly golightly sleeping mask
  7. gossip girl season 1 (did you all see last night's episode? IT WAS THE BEST OF THE SEASON I ALMOST CRIEEEEED!!!!!)
  8. leather leggings... STYLLAZ
  9. that tunic damn it
  10. brown silence & noise leather jacket
  11. fur zara jacket
  12. foldover boots at zara
  13. benetint lemonaid concealer, or DALLAS OR DANDELION
  14. daisy marc jacobs make up brush set
  15. urban decay midnight cowboy face powder
  16. anna sui wallet..
  18. anna sui lomo cam :$ hehe
  19. a phone god damn
  20. a boy friend... uhm JKZ

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