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Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 6:48 PM
Back to top, baby.

So today Joe bought Little Big Planet, it's pretty AWESOME :)
I'm going to take a pic of my sack girl once she's pimped out!! :)

I need a PSN, but I don't know what my user name should be?
ralphwiggum is already taken :@!!!!

AAANYpoo... I'm soo fucken bored.
Tomorrow I'm going downtown with the boys, and I'm going again on Sunday because of the stupid Santi Clause parade (laame)
Hehe... I'm already beginning to write a Christmas list.

First I need a JOB.... I'm so proud of Jillyyy.
She got a job at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! Thats sweeet (get it? no? SHORE)
Who the hell would hire moiiiiii....

So I'm going to Semi.. Danny's getting me discounted tix yaaaaawww trick.
I really wish I had a "REAL" date, Danny just asked me as friends and that's really cool I guess... but I want a reallllllll daaaaaaate to take pictures with and to get me some "punch"
hahah.. Atleast the upside is that I get to dress up!!
Yay for make-up excuses :)!


of course, sometime this week I'm gonna dye my hair black! :)

u like? :)


brb making XMAS list

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