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born on [February 12] and I'm sweet[16]. I study at [St. Joseph] as a second year high school student! I LOOOVE clothes, shoes, food, music, hair and make-up (what girls don't?) so you will see a lot of that kind of content in my blog. If you know me well, you'd learn that I'm actually kind of nerdy, down to earth, real, and definetly NOT like anyone else.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009 - 8:46 AM
these are the tales of the cool
Back to top, baby.
i like this so much, plus it comes with this hooded cape..

i really want this to wear on my bday
i dont have any bags unlike REGINE but this would be nice.. i don't know i love the colour btu lately i've been dreaming of pastel outfits because it looks beautiful in the snow.. i'm tired of monochromatic trends they nice and all but it's getting depressing and everything looks like it's trying to duplicate alexander wangs collection lol

i love my vs pink blazer but its too nautical to wear with that white tunic i want! i want a BLACK blazer this time tho.. but i like little boy blazer fits that kind...

i neeeeed to stock up on MUTED AND PASTEL AND NEUTRALS <3
one thing i looooooooooove about spring.

little facts:
  • i LOVE the word "TRUEEE"... and sometimes said as.. "CHUUUU" or "TRUSKIS"
  • I HATE when people say "she WOULD..." hahahahahha!!! idk why... i mean i don't hate it but i hear it so much.
  • TIPS is my favourite word ever
  • "i can see clearly now the rain has gone" song makes me laugh everytime i hear it, i really don't know why.
  • if someone says "fuck the police" i have to join in and laugh after.
  • i laugh when hearing racist jokes but inside i really am devastated that we poke fun at other cultures' misfortunes... SORRRYYY hahahah. so i'm not just joking when i say "that's offensive, guys....."
  • when i say i LOATHE something i usually love it. see "she WOULD"... ahaha or tips.. i actually hate/love that word. i mostly hate it so much that it gets to me and makes me love it. IE AKON AHAHAHAHA AND NE-YO SONGS!!!
  • k i gotta admit i am a bit stingy with my money. when it comes to lunch when ppl ask for money i try to hint that they need to owe me back but they never do so sometimes ill just lie and say i dont get shit bitches... most of the time i really dont tho becausee....
  • i dont eat lunch at the caf anymore.. i starve myself until i get home so my allowance is my only means of saving... which explains how i dont like spending frivolously because i couldve ate for one week.
  • like wow tips.

obviously this is so me to boost and remind you all that my birthday is in MORE THAN A MONTH LMFAO. every year i try so hard to not remember it's my bday so really i shouldnt be posting this but i want a 16 candles kinda sweet 16! =*) haha. which defeats the whole BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION THING.. but anywho... that won't happen. unless u all pretend its not my bday on february __!

so for my bday i'm not having a big celebration... but i think my family and crs + monee + maybe eleisha are going to blue mountain overnight for skiing. i lied... snowboarding (who da fuqq skis.. except broskis and trueskis)
to tell u the truth all i really want is to eat at the keg or red lobster, too tho..... or demetres.. or both one of them and demetres! ahha i'm usch a greed mothafudgecake. speaking of cakes! I LOOVE BIRTHDAY CAKEHINT HINT PIA GO GET ME THE SAME ONE U GOT DAD BUT DECORATE IT U EFFORTLESS BASTARD. jk. overnight @ blue is enough for me bcuz i know how pricey 1 night is and i feel bad... but anywho.
i almost forgot..... i have to study for my g1!! yay i'm so excited! me and kev are gonna do our driving lessons together haha.


I FOUND THE CURE FOR MY PASTEY RETARDED UNEVEN SKIN AROUND THE EYES. why didnt i think of this before. CONCEALER. except i know i'm using it wrong hahaa. im using the one my mom got from tita dang and the mac 227 brush but i'm using it like its kind of an eyeshadow? id ont know.. like the inner corners of my eyes so its a bit white because my moms a pasty one.

kinda sad that i got al prettied up to see my other best firend, eleisha whom i havebt seen for ayear...... or talked to... but she flopped on me! :( the sad thing is artemio told me she texted ehr she couldnt come and i was like u fucking liar (he always does that to me) so whatever i just waited.......... and she called saying she couldnt come and i was like OH tim didnt lie... but she didnt even call him to say that LOL.... oh well... we're studying for exams at the library.. hopeefuly. ANOTHER FLOP WAS MONICA (u bitch!!!) and i were supposed to go the downtown today but its k its a busy month for us all, no problem with understanding. i myself must get to doing my homework.
not really good pictures but loool my eyeliner and mascara even smudged!! lol.
i get really pale in the winter time...... so i used my 2 year old benetint and it didnt blend well because the rough patches just got even redder and i swatch it on my cheeks and usually mix it but this time it like just made red lines....... i was so pissed so i blended it in with my foundation and it looked a bit pinker but this is realy ghetto and im running out of my clinique almost make up so i really haveeee to get some kind of real blush. i REALLY WANT BENEFIT GEORGIA!!! :@ maybe ill go out and get it today.. but you know money is tight (like yo vag!)

peace xx

oh ps. exams are coming up. i have a lot of undone reviews and i have like 2 CATS to do left! omgaaahh

OH PPS. FUCKING HATE HOW ST. JOES CALLS CPTS (culminating performence tasks) CATS ITS LIKE "oh gtg doing my CAT" D: U FUCKIN BEASTIALITY MONGREL!!!!! i haave to call them culminatings or cpts btu everyons liek WTFZZZZ A CPT THAT SOUNDS WEIRD. k HELLO.. CAT sounds idiotic i'm sorry.

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