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Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 10:45 AM
you're my saving grace
Back to top, baby.
music: Beyonce- Halo
mood: Lazy

Ugh I usually hate Beyonce but I looooove this song! It's so cute.

After much construction the past few days have been lonely and tiring. I've made a layout for my sis and thissss new blogspot. Still on house arrest. I SHOULD BE STUDYING my nips off, but I'm shoooo lazzzzzyyy........

Do you guys like the new layout? Is the wood bothering you? Haha... My sister doesn't like it.

I love that I found the music player. It never occured to me to putting one, but I put one for my sister and I was like... Kay this is kinda cool. Get one at myflashfetish.com
It sounds sketchy, but it really isn't, haha. IF YOU DO GET ONE, then get the NY girl HAHAHA.

Today I planned to study study study and catch some GG if it's still on on Sundays. If not, I think we're going to Yorkdale because my sister wants to.....

Last night Pulp Fiction was on and it was so great because the most retarded scene showed up TWICE hahaha. It was the one when Marcellus Wallace gets F'd up the A and Bruce Willis has to save him, lmao. Def not a family moment, but I looove that movie... I really want to see Reservoir Dogs now!

Here's my schedule:
  • Monday: French Oral Test (you pervs...)
  • Tuesday: Review on every subject
  • Wednesday: Relgion Exam
  • Thursday: Math Exam
  • Friday: Science Exam, Cousins from NY and PA come over <3!!!!>
  • Saturday: Sto. Nino
  • Sunday: Cousins form NY and PA leave...
  • Monday: French Exam
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: PA DAY! :), Job Hunting
  • Thursday: Semester Turnaround! (Hello grade 11 U math...fuck.., english, civics/careers, 3b lunch, & art)
  2. Math Review (4ratic functions & equations, trig unit)
  3. Religion Review
  4. Science Review
  5. Buy drivers handbook or dvd or WHATEVER SO I CAN BE G1 CERRRTIFIED on my BDAY =*)
  6. put together an outfit for sto. nino
  7. kill myself
I'm actually thinking of just CHILLING IN MY BLANKET/ (perhaps investing in a snuggie for me and mon if my mom lets me.. she's a BIT convinced or humoured.. one of them but she insists its a backwards robe.. HOWEVER IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT...) to prepare for the next sleep depriving days.

Ladies, this next one's for you........................

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