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Patricia Estrellla.
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Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 12:32 AM
when does you'll get over it begin?
Back to top, baby.
music: when can i see you again - babyface
mood: HAPPY

SO Today was a bit stressful......at first.

Woke up early to get ready to go to Buffalo, half way there, my sister realizes she forgot her PASSPURT. Destroyed the environment and gas money by driving back and forth for her stank ass (<3) but we eventually got to Buffalhoe so whatevs!
I got a white pocket tank from F21, my UO tunic, Too Faced glitter liner for 10 bucks (in contrast to the 36 CAD!!) for my sister and that's about it, but it's aiiight.
Picked up Micky DEEZED and went to the Bernardos house for Marks bday. It's also ANGEL'S bday today. I'm gonna take pics with that beast tmrw =*)
K so..... Watched a fight, watched the craptors game, played with the new dog , jada, jace, maia. Erixon and Danielle were there =D

Went home to discover some hooligans recorded a video on my FB wall and...................=*)
"Here comes the water works".....
I'm so blessed to have such uplifting, funny, cute friends. With friends like these.......IDK HOW TO END THIS BUT... UHM.. LOVE THEM TO DEAF............ Thanks so mucho mon and tim, it really made my YEAR. I owe u one back? true.

After that I visited Andrea's blog and URHSER'S CAN YOU HELP ME came on and I was like oh what the fuuuuuckery this is a JAM!!!!!! SO THAT STARTED IT ALLL... Coz I sends it to Monzee and we jam, and we have an USHER MARATHON, then a BMCKNIGHT MARATHON, JON B PRETTY GIRL JAM SESH, then a NEXT- TOO CLOSE SESH FOLLOWED BY CUPID, PONY, BBYFACE, what have you....... I love our jam sessions =*) So fucking hilarious and fun and stupid yet entertaining. Kind of terrible IRL, tho...... It's aight, it's aiight.

wtf.. time flies.
Gonna sleep now.
holler at ur girl.

In other news......
I give up. I am just chasing pavements......But I'm fine with that! =)

I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything in the world.

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