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Sunday, March 8, 2009 - 5:29 AM
hands down, i'm too proud for love. but with eyes shut, it's you i'm thinking of.
Back to top, baby.
Friday I had my math test on exponential functions and I'm pretty sure I FAILED IT!!! I came in late coz the BUS CAME IN LATE 20 FUCKING MINUTES AND I WAS ALREADY FUCKING PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I skipped a few because I didn't have time!!!!

But anyways, I went downtown with Rosario in the pouring rain.
Ate our ush, McDonalds! =)
Afterwards we went to Aritzia to get her adi track jacket and it's safe to say we fell in love with everything wilfred spring!!!!!

A collective list of what I really really want/like
  • business type shorts (! so cute...)
  • wilfred tank printed like this, but more mint greeny but as sleeveless tank, though.
    How great it would be in a pocket tank...
  • mint green sleeveless top
  • floral tiered skirt... moreso rosario teritory :P
  • a tan...../bronzer lmaoooo
  • talula blazer! =****)
  • aa side split leggings
  • melange orchid skirt or forest green
I think I'm going to save up for the shorts and perhaps the long tank?
I'll probably have the funds once the weather gets better, because the upcoming week looks like crap.

ANYPOO, all I got was this mascara. RESULTS MAY VARY. I layered it on top of my victoria's secret "very sexy' sample tube (i ran out of mascara :P so i've been living on sample sizes) and i got no results, probably because it was so dry.
BUT when I tried it at home over again, it curled REALLY well!!!! :) It kind of clumped though, perhaps because I was pumping it so much, without realizing how that makes bubbles (says my sister)

The bottle is just hilarious, so go get it.
I wish the wand was bigger. I loveeee huge bristles (ie. BADgal, COLLOSAL)
I was deciding on weather to splurge on bE's BUXOM or Sexy Curves?!?!?! Someone better do a side by side review!!!! Sexy Curves was on sale for 5.99 at shoppers! So mean to be =*)

Afterwards, I watched American History X and Kill Bill vol. 1 between commercials but I fell asleep........ I always fall asleep before 10 now and correct me if I'm wrong, it's daylight savings time or something?
I'm confused.
and hungry.
but more hungry.

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