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Friday, March 20, 2009 - 7:53 PM
I love you, man
Back to top, baby.
music: a movie script ending - dcfc
mood: grateful, accomplished

Earlier today at around 2:30 I went to the Drivers Licence Fucking me Over and Under Examniation Centre or some shit like that and stayed in the line for a bout 15 mins...... THEN I SEE REEMA =D AND SHE THEN INFORMS ME THAT SHE HAS BEEN THERE SINCE 11:30!!! Mind you this was 2:30, FUCKING 3 HEURES?!!? And she hadn't even been called yet (although she was next) so me and my dad just decided BUNN THIS and I'm taking my test tmrw morning.... I'm also boarding tmrw and Sunday at Glen Eden says pop pop... Hopefully it pulls through, because this week was full of fucking FLOP and I'M SO MAD BECAUS ITS MARCH BREAK. FUUUCK =)!


Today I saw "I Love You, Man" (is that Y supposed to be capitalized???) featuring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Totes McGotes pickin up some ebonics quicktimes from that movie, LOL.
Such a darling film! Paul Rudd's such a lovable character, and you can't help but want to run up to the movie screen and give him a hug when he brings in the root bear floats with the stick-o straws =*) Great film and good laughs with good people! His character makes you realize how lucky you are to have friends that love you unconditional and hard to find.... /endsappypreciousmoments,lol/

Afffta, we hit up McDeezy (we initially were down for Dennys but that was flop tangz)
OF COURSE we feasted our eyes on the 20 nugget dealio and OF COURSE were sucked in by curiosity to the MAC SNACK WRAP *barf*..... LMAO SERIOUSLY THO HOW DO THEY COME UP WITH THESE THINGS?!?!?!?! :'(
K it wasn't that bad BUT I DIDN'T ENJOY IT. It was fun making Janvir the bitch since we basically snuck the cheap bastard in..... but he should have gotten those refills!

dear friends (or should I say betraying bastard sons of hitches),
I know you will never forgive me for that bad decision... i'm just gonna say it: the PURCHASE OF A TNA FITTED. I think I jsut got sucked into the hype that my closest friends (them being guys) all had cool colorful head gear and I was stuck with just... hair... and :'( sorry I don't mean to be crying but.... the fact that it was from Aritzia (liek i said, you bitches.... GOOD MARKETING TEAM) just finalized it for me. BUT PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY AND EMBARASSMENT LET IT GO AND LET ME LIVE WITHOUT THE SHAME OF WASTING MY ALMOST 50 BUCKS WORTH ON SOMETHING SO UTTERLY HORRENDOUS. I know better to not buy something for the sake of it's popularity and brand... lulz, but are we not all guilty of it? (COUGH UGGS...) I LEGIT HATE YOU GUYS FOR THE CRUDE HUMOUR FOR THE SCRUTINIZING 5 MINUTES OF MY LIFE.... :***(
~**~grade 8 memoriez??*~*~ @ mcdonalds

4 words to sum up the night:
good friends, good food.nuggets
All you need in life?

extra extra, read all about it

and night.

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