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Thursday, March 19, 2009 - 8:21 PM
puttin on aritz
Back to top, baby.
As much as I try to hate Aritzia for not hiring me (:P)
go check out their website! It got a makeover.
And as much as we try to hate Aritzia for being so mainstream..... How can you walk by THIS AMAZING store front and NOT be amazed?
The theme is exactly the kind of stuff I adore.... Aurora borealis, Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon, floral print, high quality material and fashion!

The website also showcases some cool stuff... like music, videos of their lines, and other stuff along that shiatsu. But of course, art!.... Aritzia is creditted with awesome collabos and artist discoveries if you haven't already picked up form their tags, shopping bags, business and gift cards. Myself having a twitter background from ROCAMM.COM, robin cameron, whom I discovered from their wilfred collab.

Mayjah props to the marketing/design team. Even the Aritzia tape looks sweet, ahah.

Digging thru the website (which is functional and easy to navigate) posted THIS, which I know you kids will all enjoy.
It's daria! way before "she got famous" or something :P

Even the TNA website got updated. *hiiint hint, wilfred*
And while looking through the submission series (my fave part when viewing the website)
I noticed a familar piece! from CARM! :D If I'm not mistaken, this was done wayyy back when we were all into livejournal & she went by "englishroses" or "lovecarm" or something, aha.

Here is Taylor Warren (I discovered her from ally's blog... VISIT THERE NOW!!!!!) and her own cool style
and Aritzia's take :P!

I love that outfit!!! But it's still a bit too chilly still.
If there is one with I could make, it's to own a mackage trench right now LOL. NEEDING a light coat atm.
Or any item form wilfred's new collection (FLORAL DRESS*, floral bustier, silk/taffetta skirt, lilac pocket tank, thunderbolt tank dress, jean jacket 8))... which surprisingly hasn't arrived in Square One. They gots ta pick up their game ASAP so I can admire them from afar! :P

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