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Sunday, March 15, 2009 - 5:42 PM
Back to top, baby.
On Saturday/Sunday I went to blue mountain and stayed at the everso cozy weider lodge overlooking the telus triple challenge competition.. such an awesome view!!
On the way there to get gas, I saw this...... haha this is taken right outside St. Marcellinus Secondary School!
view from behind the glass door of our balcony right when I arrived
my dad learning how to ski!
my mom learning how to ski!
my nephew learning how to ski! :*)
parents getting their lesson
jace getting his lesson
after his lesson was over, his parents pia and joe let him slide down
pia and joe "pro"boarders...... look at their nice pricey gear! :@ makes me so jealous :(
pia on the ground (where she belongs)
pia trying to look cool but failing obviously
ass shots of me
me looking like a bucktoofed dork on the practice hill (lol that magic carpet is pretty bomb)

taken with my phone.....I got home to this: dj spinning some top 40 music mixes and a coors light telus triple challenge jump contest or something, wherein they danced, handed out giant cheques and sprayed each other with soem sort of alcoholic beverage at night. SIGH... Gotta love Canadian drunkies!

random thoughts:
  • i wanna live the CANADIAN dream... you know... buy a dirt bike, a cottage, go snowboarding and skiing at tremblant and whistler, go to bc for... YOU KNOW! (haha uhmm..), drink candians, have tim horton mugs with a cashier lady saying "the usual?" when i arrive, appreciate hockey, develop an accent, eat maple candy, say the word "stoked".......fuck the american dream!
  • I just bought a snow board and bindings....... still on the lookout for boots but I really like the tokidoki x ride ones... too bad its not within the price range, nor is it burton (brand of my bindings) which is preferrable... :S pics up later, k!
  • might go to glen eden with danny for snowboarding tomorrow. hopefully tim and janvie and mon pull thru, but its whatever coz i just really wanna go and test out m'board!!!

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