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Saturday, May 9, 2009 - 11:18 AM
she's cheer captain, and i'm on the bleachers.
Back to top, baby.
music: Love Story - Taylor Swift
mood: proud

I should update more!
But anyways, fellas =)
Yesterday out of nowhere I decided to hang out with the boys + MFA.

Tim shaved Jorwang's hurr and me and MIA went to get her Wal-Mart discount card and MIA went to change. We also printed "You Belong With Me" lyrics LMAO <3

We met up with them and Jorwin shaved and Jose came.

Danny was mad about being hungry so we finally went to Mcdeezies!
I got an Oreo McFlurry and medium fries and the guys feasted. We saw 3 JOES PEOPLE IN THE BANNER AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.

When we got back, we just hung out at Tim's room. We talked for the longest time about stuff and so many questions! I also got deathly tickled after telling them what Ralph, Danford, and Adrian did to tickle me uncontrollably at lunch! =( It's PAINFUL LMAO.

After that, we went to the park to play catch (the guys atleast) while me and Miarka could FINALLY sing our forbidden song and our fake music video (love story) because the guys wouldn't let us sing it in Artemios room... fuckers.

After that we went to jose's house to play basketball. Then, Miarka had to leave.
I "coached" BOTH teams of jose + danny vs. artem + jorwin...
THEN, neighbourhood kids came..... That's when shit really went down, lmao.
Epic battle of me, jose, danny, artem, jorwin vs. ashore, mikhail, random brown guy, and "the twins"
Dress was hard to guard because he was so fast... damn that Dress!!!
We obviously RAN SHIT and won.
I'm proud of my measley, yet satisfying 2 points! LMAO.

Then, my parents came to pick me up and joe and his friend watched houston vs. la.
I got tired, went up to my room to watch HIMYM and that was pretty much my day =)

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