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Sunday, August 2, 2009 - 8:15 AM
Back to top, baby.

Trip to Maine and Quebec
Day One: Tuesday
  • Me, Darryl, Parentals drive about 10 hours to Best Western in Maine... Watched Step Bros and Superbad in the car =*)
  • Drove also with Tita Cecille+Tito Toto, Tita Luluth+Andrew
  • Met up with Tito Roven+Tita Chris+Meghan, Tita Irene+Regine, Bryan
  • Aunts brought Lobbies and Clam CHOWDAH and Pizza for us... One of the hotel rooms STANKED!!!
  • Went to an outlet mall to buy a bathing suit.. It's pretty cute for 10 dollars! I hate Tommy Hilfiger clothing, but they make nice swimwear
  • SWIMMING =*)
Day Two: Wednesday
  • Drove to the beach with Regine in the car this time... TAYLOR SWIFT FEST!!!!
  • We went to Ogonquit... reallly beautiful day. We met this BIG DOG that looked like an Eskie/chow chow and evidently her name was ANGEL!!! =***) SOOOOO FUCKIN CUTE
Lobster traps

Had to get off the bridge

"Abercrombie boys"

The dog also named "Angel"! =*)

New England Shoreline
  • Went to Lobsterfest in Rockland! Pretty yums but expensive. I had fried shrimpies. It was really cool there were tents set up, a BUNCH of food.. exactly like ribfest but in that case, Lobster/seafood :P! I got a butterfly crown.... for children I guess but it had curly strings so I called it my "TAYLOR SWIFT" crown =***) and needed it.

My cousins being LOLworthy
  • Drove to Bar Harbour's Holiday Inn.... Reallyyy cute! It was a really gloomy but family can really brighten your day
At the back of the hotel there was this dock

Across the dock and beside the hidden pool there was a nice spa.
  • SWIMMING =*)!!! Marco Polo for daaysss, lmao
  • Supernatural show, and Tong Itz .. noo booost but I just owned.
Day Three: Thursday
  • Went to some docks which had the Filipino flag... kinda weird, lol.. It was REALLY pretty but a sucky weather day, again...

      "I'm on a BOAT!"

      We on a boat

      Parents being lam3sauc3
      • Went to a Lighthouse the size of my garage.. LMAO we got there and it was such a disappointment
      • Headed to QC =( Depart with the cousins
      • Arrived at Hotel Quartier... reall swankkk lol

      • Went to Old Quebec! Oooh I loved it!
      • Ate at St. Hubert's! LMAO It's like Swisch but realllyyy awesome =***)
      • Made a restaurant on Restaurant City with my mom LMAO
      Day Four: Friday
      • Went to MTL! Passed by my future school: McGill!!! BITCHES!!!
      • Went to Old Montreal... WHOOOT... =*) so much cool and nice restos! I got macaroons form this cupcake and ice cream shop near Notre Dame!
      • Decided I will marry at Notre Dame in Montreal... (or PARIS.... but... YOU KNOW MANS ARE POOR)
      • Ate at Serafim... some reallyyyy lovely restaurant with all organic food and Charlie Chaplin playing all the time on this big screen
      • Went to the top of MTL to "admire the view" but really just take pics for my dad and whine that I wanted to get home coz my butt hurts
      • Went home
      I think I ate a Tim Horton's Large Chicken Salade Sandwhich toasted on white bread ALMOST EVERY DAY... except Wednesday.
      total count :3
      damn, they are good =*)

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