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born on [February 12] and I'm sweet[16]. I study at [St. Joseph] as a second year high school student! I LOOOVE clothes, shoes, food, music, hair and make-up (what girls don't?) so you will see a lot of that kind of content in my blog. If you know me well, you'd learn that I'm actually kind of nerdy, down to earth, real, and definetly NOT like anyone else.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 - 9:26 PM
shopping before school
Back to top, baby.
The past few weeks, I've been...
1. Excited about moksha yoga
check out that SWEET deal on this Lululemon "Best Yoga Mat Bag" =*)
2. Hunting for this specific color of this mat!!
I went to Lululemon Eatons, Square One, and finally Vaughan Mills had it :P
3. On the hunt for hot yoga wear
My dad bought these stuff at a Nike Outlet in Vaughan Mills! =)

4. Trying to restrain myself from random/cute stuff at Ones!... BUT FAILING! Evidence... Ice cream lamp (you push the pink ice cream and it lights up!), a lunch bag, lunchbox, sushi shape maker, and chopsticks for when I eat 'em! My mom makes great soosh!)

5. Having a school shopping frenzy

6. Obsessed with cool pens and calligraphy.
But what else is new?
My favourites: the Ice Cream pencil, and Sharp-bo two in one, a pencil case staple in every school year for me :P

7. Spending frivolously
You all know I really don't buy TNA but I am smitten with this flannel! It reminds me of Christmas pjs :)

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