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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 5:11 PM
kids only
Back to top, baby.

Jon Gosselin visits!

Yesterday, Jace had his birthday party at Funzone! It was so fun! I baked cupcakes real quick but they were ready soon enough to get to the party on time! Immediately, me and my fave cousin Regine run into the bouncy castle and jump til our hearts stop beating and our legs turn to jelly! Then food calls... we play and babysit Maiya in the giant tomato, billions of slides, and slide and ball pit! So funn. Afterwards, my fave people come. (pictured above) We jumped and jumped on the bouncy castle (there were 2!) until the shitty manager (who we liked to call Hailey Glassman) says "kids only" so we got booted.. haha. After Jace cut the cake, we devised plans to get into the bouncy castle, so after several attempts at sliding down all possible slides, all together, we choreographed a landing from a slide INTO the castle. That kind of worked but I still go scared shitless so.. we were in and out! LOL! Then my girl ALLY came and I had a blast with her! She's the best! =)
Anyways, after I went home with the Espinozas. But last minute, mon decided we should get dropped off at Baskin Robbins, so we went! I was treated by Monica with a Rainbow Sherbet! :D
We walked to the Espinoza's and we visited people's restos on restaurant city, LMAO! K that game is seriously a lolfest. Artemio downloaded an app on his iTouch that lets you call people! So it's a phone! We tried that out, it was sick.. I had a mini T. Swift fest by myself (:( lol) and then on twitter, we were inspired by Eleishas tweet saying she was waiting to see Orphan, so we UPPED AND WENT TO SEE ORPHAN! LOL. It was really a good movie... So jokes and fun to see with fun people! I love you guys =)

Today is... Jace's Birthday. Although I didnt spend more than the morning watching him eat Lucky Charms, I wish the bumby bum (what me and my dad call him) the very best! =) Instead, I went to Famous with Jill Chen who's going to Japan, China, HK and I don't even fuckin know where else in Asialand for 3 weeks! We saw Funny People, which wasn't even that funny, LOL. We bussed home right after the storm (it was going on during the movie and it was so fuckin LOUD lol) and now I am chillin in my room listening to Tay Swift... =*) I missed Shark Week last night, sooo pissed! LOL So expect me to tune when they replay it later on tonight

---Once again,---
Happy 3rd Birthday to the one boy who has never broken my heart!
My loving nephew =*)

I can't believe it's been 3 years. I don't want you to grow up yet!
I hope you had heaps of fun at Funzone. I love you so much, and I'll tell you that every single day.
Even though you are not my child, I love you just as my own. You mean the world to me.
Love, "tricia" <3

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