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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - 7:22 PM
Back to top, baby.
four things that put me in an EXTREMELY upset mood
1) i'm so sick and i hate being sick while at school, constantly your nose is running so without tissues, you'll embarrassingly wipe it off n your sleeve, i go n breaks but this is honestly a crazy stuffed nose. i feel no air in one nostril, its horrible! i'm not sure how i got sick btu it has been raining the past couple of days and i insisted on walking or bussing to all my destinations since i have a week pass....

2) annoying phone calls. i swear if this fucking trick calls me again i will go to his house and curb stomp his ass. since sunday, he called 14 times, but today he called 8. the first time was when i was watching memento today and totally woke me up. i really needed that rest coz for some reason i cant really sleep right now. but yeah.. as i was saying this fucking creeper asked for someone completely different on sunday, then today he asks for MY NAME how idiotic is that. he claims to be "keishan" and frm air forces ( i think he said that... couldnt really hear) then an awkward silence occured after i was like, yeah i don't know you..... and i was like WHAT do you want?!?! and he was like., "can i have your phone number from before you moved?" and i honestly did not know how to respond.... i was like YA I DONT KNOW YOU BYE.
then he called back 4 times after that ringing 2 or 4 times before me actually picking up so i would get my sick ass up to the phone hoping it was my mom to answer to this fucking TRICK ASS PUSSY PARASITE. dont fucking disturb me. my grandma was with me and she would get up and say she'll deal with it but they would just hang up within two seconds before i picked up. in the most recent instance, i kept asking questions like WHO IS THIS and this dumbass jackass wouldn't answer back. so i canada 411's his ass, ASHOK PATEL, prolly your dads name or something. i know where you live, shit face. i even googled the last name and i havent even recognized any of the faces.
it really made me sad, i was hoping one of those calls were from my parents, i haven heard from them in two days, and i'm just clingly like that.
how frustrating, i hope it's all some misunderstanding

3) the canadian people on filmore kept saying "aboot" and in one scene they were hockey players dealing with maple syrup and a baseball card scheme.

4) i didnt quite get memento. granted i fell asleep during the middle, i think ill rewatch it tomorrow.

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