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Thursday, August 28, 2008 - 7:21 AM
Back to top, baby.
I've been M.I.A. and it's awesome.
Friday..... Cousins came over and we played Halo and stuff.
Saturday..... I worked and it was Regine's 18th right after! Boy, was I busy. (see flickr for pics) Sunday..... Packed and left for Blue Mountain, JACUZZI'D'D'D =') EXPLORED them swiss chalets (real ones, lol), saw Hogwarts (lmfao), watched horror films with my new best friends, Alyssa and Joan. They are so interesting! They are from Luxembourg and are my aunt's best friend's daughter and her cousin, so they stayed with us at the cottage and Cassie and I shared a room with them, we talked and talked, it was really cute/sad/whatever. They're soooo cool, both half Luxem and half filipina. I'm SOO jealous they can speak English, French, German, Luxembourg language, and Tagalog a little bit, ahah!! We also had the most hectic game of cranium possible :@
Monday..... We went to Wasaga beach! SOOOO COLD. EVERYONE (but me) played soccer, while I explored the park with my iPod, haha I'm such a loner. MMM the tim hortons really warmed me up, though! :*) After wards we ate and ate and ate tacos, pizza, kfc, fa-jie-tahs, HAHAHA. I bought some back 2 school stuff at wal-mart, but I still need binders and pencil crayons. We stayed up all night playing mafia and writing penis, drawing penis, drawing vajay, and gay on Darryl, and sticking pads all over the guys. TOOK PIX AND THAT POON SHIT DELETED THE OFF MY CAMERA!!!!!! :@
TUESDAY...... Headed home, went to Georgian Bay to visit a sweet church, ate the coldest chicken ever, and they all played soccer again. When we got home we went to Vaughan Mills and I bought these puffy pens and a purple pen, SOOOO CUTE =*) I also bought a pink AMEKA straightener, it's so cool but I haven't tried it for myself yet (too scared) After that, we went to Meghan's house, biked to the bark, played ball, played at the bark, talked, soccer a little bit.
WEDNESDAY..... Went to Fallsview Casino, walked SOO far to Clifton Hills where I saw this criminal wax museum and HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted a pic but no one let me. lATER, We went to Planet Hollywood to eat spending nearly fucking 350 dollars for us because everyone had crazyyyyy fucking drinks, but they were all looking so good. I just had a Shirley Temple myself, and tried a Bananarama, which was equally good. But the rest had alcoholskis. For my meal I ate Onion rings, this nacho shit, chicken tenders (they were in the Terminator), penne, chicken, and broccolli (which came in but I DIDN'T eat :(). WALKED BACK (ughhhhhh so long) and SWAM SWAM SWAM, met the cutest little 3 year old half breed filipina (they are common now, yeah! haha) Her dad was so cool throwing in some flip words and she joined me in the jacuzzi playing with bubbles and splashing me!!!! =******)! I wanted to cry because she was so cute. Jace had a crush on her saying "I like her" HE WAS SO HAPPY AND SHOWING OFF SOOO CUTELY. Afterwards, played maddd cards, hahaha. Tong its (or whatever that shit is) Crazy 8s, Lucky 9 (still dont get it), and of course, Speed. I left really late that night while my cousins stayed over night there.
TODAY...... is Eleisha's surprise party at 5! I'm so excited to see that fucker!

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