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Sunday, September 7, 2008 - 6:44 AM
Back to top, baby.
Last night when I was talking to Agustin about my dog, I was googling pics of American Eskimos.
If you know me well I would kill myself for a chow chow, but MY DOG is the cutest fucking dog in the world so shut the hell up.

YAY American Eskimos!
They're just the cuuuutest. I LOVE MY ANGEL BABY =) FOREVA.
He really is misunderstood :( *don't get it - lil wayne plays*

Seriously, when I was younger and crying, I would just go in the laundry room and talk to him and pet him, even if I was scared. Then he would bark at me and I'd bolt the fuck out. I used to be sooo scared of him when going into the laundry room that I would bring a piece of my breakfast and hold in in one hand until I had to pass by him again. Now we're the greatest of friends. He's grown older and wiser and way more friendlier. HE LOOVES Jace! :)
Our relationship kind of reminds me of that of me and my sister's. CUTE AND new when we was youngins, then as we grew older I would try to befriend her but she'd bark back and then we'd not talk until I grew mature and fearless. We're not the greatest of friends, but it's a mutual relationship. She loves Jace, so I think her and Angel are so alike. Plus they're both bitches..... AHHAHA JK. P.S. Angel is a boy, blame my sister for calling her that.

Fond memories of Angel:

  • Picking Angel from the little puppy farm and there were THOUSANDS OF IDENTICAL ANGELS and SNOWIES but we got him! :) Almost named him Snowball after Snowy but Angel was most appropriate according to Pia.
  • My mom was golfing in the backyard and when she swung, Angel ran in front of her and she hit him!!!!
  • When he bit Mr. English
  • in Trisha Downs when he would frolick in the backyard and me and Kevin would run around on the slide platform hiding so he wouldn't catch us (we'd do this with Roxy, too)
  • His little spot in the kitchen in Trisha Downs
  • When he would crawl under the fence and into Michael Furtado's backyard (ahah!)
  • When he was lost and we looked everywhere around the block to find him under Kevin Zabala's front porch under a bench and Kevin Z. was nearly in tears knocking and pointing from behind his door. Meanwhile Angel is smiling under the bench.
  • When we were playing cops and robbers but I had to get in the backyard for something and Angel was in front of the door and Kevin Sia opened the door and Angel jumped on Tonchi and Tonchi fell and cried because he hated Angel.
  • When I lived with Kevin Sia and Angel had his own little room, there was a love triangle between Lazy, him and Peachy. Angel liked Lazy, but Lazy was a lesbo and liked Peachy and Peachy liked Angel!
  • In Karen Park when Angel was "noisy" and the neighbour (old fuck) warned he would call the humane society (le fuck?!)
  • Angel in the Laundry room when he FARTED while I was taking pictures of him and I was SOOO SHOCKED lmfao
  • Angel in the Laundry room on my birthday and my friends didn't know I had a dog so they were petting this white patch of fur under the door and it moved and they discovered it was Angel and we all laughed... hehe
  • Angel under his BBQ when he HAS an igloo structure, but prefers the BBQ
  • Angel loving Jace
Prior to Angel I had a Border Collie named Roxy given to ME by my lolo (the only dog that was really "mine")
Then we got SNOWY, which was everyone's FAVOURITE. It was an American Eskimo but it was small forever. Snowy was the kindest and didn't even bark. I can't go into why we lost him... but before we did we had to give Roxy away because my mom couldn't handle having two dogs at once. I miss them both incredibly.

Here's what Snowy looked like:

(from google images)

So I was looking through pics and I FOUND A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!
The picture was sooo cute, so I clicked it, saved it,and apparently there was a story about it and it's INCREDIBLY sad! :(
Dog Breed: Unknown

Foxy's mom says: After the heartbreaking loss of my first baby, American Eskimo dog Sammie, to lymphoma cancer at the young age of seven, I was not sure I wanted to get another dog at all. The pain of the loss was too great and I thought nothing could fill that void. I also didn't want to go through house-training a new puppy, etc. I just wanted my Sammie back. Then one day I was surfing the Net and stumbled upon Petfinder.com where I saw this beautiful girl, Foxy, who melted my heart. It was truly love at first sight! My husband and I went to the local shelter to see her and couldn't leave without her. We were told that she had been found in an abandoned apartment, locked in a closet. She was a little shy when we first brought her home but quickly became the queen of our home and our hearts. She is the most adorable, sweetest bundle of pure love! She loves to play with her many toys. She loves the snow and loves just to cuddle up next to us. Her favorite games are catch-me-if-you-can, tug of war, and hide-and-seek. Foxy is a joy in our hearts and we love her dearly.

The pictures litterally tugged at my heart strings. I shall post.

Who in God's name would leave this beautiful dog in an abandoned appartment, TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET (I'm trying my hardest to not make R.Kelly jokes)

I think it's meant to be, the new owner clearly treats Foxy like a queen. Foxy was blessed to be there, otherwise who knows what her previous owner would have done.

EDIT: I clearly have no life but... DID YOU KNOW THERE'S PUPPY SCHOOL?! HAHA that is SO cute.

He also loves to play with all his puppy friends in puppy class!
this was SUCH a cute comment, ahaha... Albeit, a bit pervy ;)
Aug 31, 2008 feltlabbit

Baxter i'm in luuuuuuuuurv!!! what a sweet face you have (oh n the cutest butt too :))!! a galaxy of biscuits for you!!!

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