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Sunday, October 19, 2008 - 11:40 AM
Back to top, baby.
I went to Springridge farm yesterday with my family and Jace.
I didn't buy admission for myself, though.... I was kinda in a bad mood getting there.
While waiting I honestly wanted to cry. Me and my mom looked at the pies and decoration and pumpkin stores and I just got a hot chocolate and 2 candy apples (lmao shut up) but AH! THE WEATHER WAS LOOVEELYYY and I was so sad.. that... I WAS SO SAD.

I don't know why, but lately I've been isolating myself from my dad and my sister.
I can't say why, but obviously my sister hates me so why should I continue to love someone when I won't recieve it back? Now I know what it's like to take a hint.

ANYWAYS, after that...... I went to Miarka's house so she could bring me to Andreas house for her shindig where we would loaft until uhm... a limo came! Since Andrea is latina, turning 15 or having a "quince" is kinda a big deal, so her fam really treated her. It was really cute, and even though some of the night didn't go as she planned, I hope she had a lovely time. We ate at some Japanese place and just talked and talked and ATE =*) Twas coooo.
On our way home we were jamming in the limo and serrriiously needed a good song. We called 99.9 about a BILLION FUCKING TIMES LMFAO and Lydia Stratus or whatever bitched at us telling us we clogged the phone line coz we were literally calling her every 5 minutes until they played our damn song, which they didn't.
Paige: *requesting and screaming ensues*
99.9: *bitches at us* we aired you, we -
Paige: uhm, NO ya didn't..
99.9: ok, well, we're just trying to do our job!

LMFAO she tried to lie, lolzzzz.
K so in the end they didn't play and something was wrong about the theatre reservations, but honestly, who needed it. Andrea's family is so loving and cute and the cake was great and as long as she was happy!! :*)

I am really needing a Halloween costume... I don't know what I have in mind, I really want to be the happy camper! I think for now just..... red riding hood will do? I don't wanna bite my sister but lately she has been being selfish. I'm not a push over anymore.

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