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born on [February 12] and I'm sweet[16]. I study at [St. Joseph] as a second year high school student! I LOOOVE clothes, shoes, food, music, hair and make-up (what girls don't?) so you will see a lot of that kind of content in my blog. If you know me well, you'd learn that I'm actually kind of nerdy, down to earth, real, and definetly NOT like anyone else.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - 6:42 PM
Back to top, baby.
Music: Leona Lewis - Better in Time
Mood: Dancey

Today I was singing THE WHOLE DAY.
From Slow Jams (by Usher and Monica), actual slow jams, sum coldplay, french R&B (lolz), womanizer tip, some crying leona lewis, and yeah.... just about uffing it up.

YO SO... What is the deal with the new Kanye?
Love Lockdown is crap IMO...
Heartless.. makes me feel.... heartless?
and Coldest Winter is aiigh, idk what to think of it all, he's certainly changed his styles.
It's always hard for me to accept change, but in the end, I think that we learn to appreciate it and embrace it. So we'll just have to wait and see mr. Kanye West.. but plz stay off the condenser mic tip.

It's grade ten so why am I worrying that I'm not getting straight GOODS lmfao.
so far...
religion - 99
math - 95
science - 85!!! (I WAS GETTING STR8 GOODS 100S AND 99S..... then my test + lab fucks it up.. still have time for progresS)
french - 95

In dire need of new layout.

My outlook in life is so much better now..... Can't explain how.


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