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Friday, November 14, 2008 - 5:34 PM
Back to top, baby.
Today I went job hunting with my lovely.
She helped me overcome some fears with confronting the people ahhaa I'M SO PUSS. But yeah, I applied at Rocky Mountain, Freshly Squeezed, Stance (seasonal), Richtree, and that's just round 1. I'll get to the last resorts later but I can't wait til I'm 16 so I can try Aritzia! My dream part-time job!! :)

By then I'll hopefully be able to make some MAD BANK.

I wanna do seasonal SEPHORA because I LOVE that store and the seasonals just stock and clean! :)
I'm asked my mom if I could and she said of course I could work late for that job.
I hate being asked my availability. I never know what to say because my homework is different all the time.
Richtree asked me so much on the spot, I was such a nervous pervous.

hey! Remind me never to go to SQ1 on a PA DAY tooo many niners/loafts just infesting the city center portal it's too jokes.

Anyways, we have guests over and I'm bored as fuck.
Prolly gonna get to study.

Later friends :)

  1. dye hair
  2. new contacts
  3. new bras.. lmfao
  4. semi dress
  5. study
  6. shape eyebrows
  7. seth rogen
  8. apply at starstruck (lmfao), wal-mart, sephora, give resume to jordan, orange julius
  9. leather jacket/leggings

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