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Monday, December 8, 2008 - 6:59 AM
Back to top, baby.
music: the sounds - ego
mood: chill

Finally done the book, "Robbie's First Raindrop" (our biology project was to make a children's story book about the water cycle.... SOOOO frigging stupid)
I should've taken pics, it's pretty cute tho.

like 2/25 of my eye is pink so my teacher advised me to go home LMFAO.
She thinks I have pink eye, which is an extremely contagious disease or something so my dad picked me up and now I'm here.
We might go to Ikea today to pick up our 2$ tree or something. wewt.

........... here it is.... YOU CAN BARELY SEE IT lmfao. BUT OH WELL, i'm at home on the couch with my maccc daddy... STILL IN MY UNIFORM D:!
As I mentioned a few entries back, I dyed my hair. from...:
whaddup downgrade :(. I need a hair cut! My bangs are not even bangs i jsut bbby pin them a certain way.
I look much more AZN w/ blk hair fuqq!! lol

I wish i was swedish!!!!!!!!!!!
or russian!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or german!!!!!!!!!
or half asian!!!!!

maja ivarsson is TOO pretty for words. She's in the wesc ads now....
I'm jealoussss.
I STILL want wesc headphones but she makes me want them even more!!!
preferrably the ed banger ones (fml 2 billz) but i'll settle for the aoki. Stance must atleast have the teal ones i want.

oh and i finally applied for a lookbook account and i got it yesterday :D
i'm so scared to post up my outfits tho!

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