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Saturday, January 24, 2009 - 11:34 PM
thug liiiiife
Back to top, baby.
OMG I keeeeeeeeeep watching Pineapple Express... I can't help it, my love is too good, TOO GOD.

Damn, I want a Daewoo, now................. bahaha.

Hmmm lets see...
Today I...
  1. went to church and read a reading for sto. nino *Does gunshots hand sign*
  2. fiesta'd (fob ways)
  3. served coffee to a fafillion people
  4. went to visit my grandmas cemetary
  5. picked up cupcakes from "SWEE-RILZ" (how my mom pronounces swirls)
  6. went to square one so my sister could get her aditrack and my cousin could get her tna pants
  7. joe left us at square.. :( stranded near car buffs
  8. came home and ate and stuff
  9. partied some more....
  10. kareoke'd bohemian rhapsody and carpenters, eminem, and some nirvana.............. BAHAHAH I WOULD :( tell me how they didnt have tell me where it hurts-mymp... i thought that mic was MAGICAL..... fobs!!! :@
  11. watched affliction fight and some guy who got sacked SOOO bad
  12. pineapple
  13. skins

Every year my family hosts a Sto. Nino fiestatingdembout at St. Ambrose church where u can basically dance with ur lil Jesus guy and eat for free and attend mass or whatever.... But somehow every year someone manages to steal a sto. nino... who does that :( lol... it's lolable I guess, tho...

Today we had a little mini sweet 16 party for me and my cousin Cassie... even though my bday isnt for another like 2-3 weeks? I can't wait til I'M G1 CERTIFIED!!! Except I'll have to wait like what another 8-12 months to take the driving test :'(... Anywho uhmmm I loved what Tita Bess got me =************)

  • hello kitty steering wheel, keychain, lisence plate cover, and car decal (for my MUSTANG)
  • hk pencils and jewellery

I know Pia's reading this and getting pissed because she thinks the Mustang is only for her but I'm honestly not gonna be driving for a long time... So "hold your horses" TEE HEE I'M CLEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR..

Skins was sooo weirrrd. Effys a scally, but I loove her. The season premiere wasn't that great... however they DID manage to play some WU TANG!!!... Fred or whatever (sceney skater guy) pisses me off but so does the BJ tattoo guy......... UGH!!! I fuckin miss season 1 & 2! SID AND CASSIE :(!!!!

Speaking of BJs (hahaha) GSP x BJ PENN fight next week....ever since Joe's been working at that place at night we rarely spend weekend nights doing something fun... just BUMMING AROUND, so I doubt I'll be seeing that CUTIE GSP tear it up next wek...... hmmmmmmmmmmm........... I pray that GSP wins!

Why am I still up doing nothing but blogging, I do not know...

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