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Saturday, February 28, 2009 - 8:59 PM
dresses and playdium
Back to top, baby.
czarah was asking me for prom dress advice (how i felt about RUFFLES) and i brought up taylor momsen's gossip girl premier dress.

the belt and SHOES are annoying me but i love the cut of the top...
this then leaded me to search about a dress i saw at marlas of a similar design and to my surprise, the results came up so easily!
then i found this..

the material of the tulle and the sequins annoy me coz they look super tacky but HOLY... i love this dress... it's so perfect! if only i had a prom to go to, hehe.
if i could, i'd have this in a lilac or cream, but a darker bluepink would be cute as well!!
it's "so me" ahah...

isn't it weird how people never wear floor length dresses to proms anymore?

Yesterday I almost killed myself (k not rlly but)
OMGGGG I was sooooooooooo fucking depressed/hopeless....
While giving my dog food, he wouldn't scoot and I kept my phone in my uniform sleeve thinking it would stay like all times but it FELL OUT and by AMAZING CHANCE, landed in Angel's water bowl =******( i took out the battery and dried it with a cloth but it didnt do shit so i researched and researched and put it in a box of rice and kept trying and checking on it (which ur not supposed to do) so i kept touch the damn thing and fell asleep watching role models. in the morning, i blow dried it and it worked! =*******) but i am still sad because it takes fuckin 00 years to turn on and th trackball doesnt respond to normal clicks, u have to really press it hard.... ugh!!!! and im convinced the sound is flawed, btu its better than nothing, right? i'm just really cheesed that its a BRAND NEW PHONE and if my parents had found out, they wouldve literally hit me with a brick or angel or something. I just lost my razr last summer and they were strongly against me getting such an expensive phone but obviously i insisted since it was my 16~*~* and all so i guess i should be thankful....... ughh why does this kind of shit happen to me though? everything is purely an accident and IM ACTUALLY PRETTY SURE someone in my summer school stole my razr........ he stole my classmates ipod touch for suure. he "lost it" in school and then i saw shezans minifeed him selling it with like no cords and shit, haha...
ohh man..... thank god He pulled thru for me!!!!!!! I was literally down on my knees, bowing to my knees and crying a bit lol.

Today we celebrated Kevin's bday (which technically doesn't exist because his bday is Feb 29) at Tremendous. Got there and the food was cold, lol.....
Then went to Kevin's for a while n after that we went to playdium to play with our 2 2-hour unlimited play cards!
So fun!! =)
we played batting cages a few times, basketball, timecrises, table hockey, "carnEVIL" lmao!!, the bubble game, the co-op driving game, and fuckin DDR lmaooo.. I hate that shiatsu, and it hates me. "Do you even have legs?" - Russel Peters. Eww and someone was barefoot playing ddr :| :| :|
Playdium's so fuckin packed so we had to LINGER behind a few ppl while they played their stupid never ending games. For instancce, this indian kid and some random.. the random left coz I was lingering and I expected the indian kid to scram as well but he didnt... it was cute tho aha... so the gun was like 999 degrees and throughout the game the little kid just kept guiding me like such a pro! ahaha made my day.

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