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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 - 5:12 PM
big things poppin and lil things stoppin
Back to top, baby.
mood: chipper and HOT AND SWEATY =(
music: do it - TI

Today I slept at 1am watching HMIYM like the loojer that I am.
But yesterday my grammy came back from her 3 or so month from the Phillerpeenz and she came bearing my gifts! (PasaluBONG) AKA... My ***** dress, and my ***** tiara! BIG SECRET GUYS =*)
But for those of you who I've notified, please come! Mark June 6th on your calendars for some crazy walks around Valley parking lots, lmaooooo...
On that topic, I finished my *********** letter to be published in every *********** book being handed out. If you want to help as much as you can, buy some ad space from me, it's only (lol i kid, i kid) like 25 dollars for 1/4 a page and you put ur picture, it's uhmm.. pretty JOKES lmao.
I'm so very excited! Can't wait =)

Anyways, today I had an art trip. One of those days when you don't have a clue what to wear, try on something u think looks cool, go out realize it's not that realistic, add certain pieces and end up loving what you wear.
I packed my sunscreen, honeydew softlips, honeydew lotion, sunnies, sketching pencils, and catcher in the rye (which I haven't finished since 8th grade... lmao) and camera hoping that these things will keep me occupied and important lmao.
I chilled at first period and got the hmwk (YET I LEFT MY FUCKING MATH TEXTBOOK THEREFORE NOT DOING ANY OF THE FUCKING REVIEW) at school like the ditzy girl that I am. When I got called down I had my only free time coz I got kinda late to school (well, right on time but not enough time to chill with my LOVES of course) and I QUICKLY DASHED to get Gossip Girl coz while reading Catcher in the Rye in first, I got so bored and wanted to start over again, but seriously need to rake in my AR points (AR count: zero)
We went to OCAD and around there and we took this life drawing workshop with a real model and he was NEARLY NUDE in his fucking BANANAHAMMOCK BUT HE WAS SO OLD YET CHISLED.... I WANTED TO BLOW MY BRAINS OUT COZ I WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND MY SKETCHES SUCKED ASS LMAO.
Afterwards, we got to roam downtown TO for like a solid 40 minutes (booo) so we went to some plaza with like.. EVERYTHING =*) and I got a souvlaki dinner and bubble tea (all the asians got bubble tea so I was like truueeeeeeee.. unfortunately, not TUB SIZED lmao)
K then, we finally toured the AGO. I love art museums! Some people think they're boring (well guided tours suck ass) and I just love to explore, I find it so damned interesting and... dare I say... romantic! I'd love to go on a date there. JSYK, students get free admission wednesday evenings.. How cute =*)
Got to school, bussed home and met up with Emily on my way home.... I miss her.
Funny how things change.
Got home, watched fre$h prince of course, and finished reading Gossip Girl.

  1. AR test for It Girl
  2. AR test for Gossip Girl (I know, I ready stupid books, can't help it.. guilty pleasure :P)
  3. Take out another GG book or a classic novel so I can have higher points.. any suggestions? I might take Moby Dick)
  4. BR date with my number one stunner
  5. Human Rosary Friday(saying a HAIL MARY... no biggie version tho :P!)
  6. Volunteer at Carassauga Fri-Sun

OH and... I kinda sorta like someone... kinda. sorta.
Okay yeah, I do.

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