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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - 10:21 AM
london calling
Back to top, baby.
music: "The Way You Make Me Feel" - Michael Jackson
mood: chill beans

Breif synopsis of the trip to UK and France (June 20-June 27 2009)


• Went to YYZ at 1300 to go to LGW,

• Flight left at 1500

• Read Tuesdays With Morrie and cried =(


• Arrived at LGW at around 0300

• Went to Europcar to pick up my dad's whip...

• Drove to Salisbury and arrived at 0700

• Walked around and got lost until they opened the gates to the Cathedral at 0730

• Drove to Wiltshire to see Stonehenge, on the summer solstice!

• Walked to the gates of Stonehenge trekking hills for half an hour only to discover it was temporarily closed :@

• Drove to Bristol (filming location of Skins and hometown of infamous graffiti artist, Banksy)

• Waited half an hour for the Banksy versus Bristol museum exhibition and LOVED it all! ♡

• Drove to London to check into our hotel beside every transportation portal!

• Eat at the dinner buffet

• Dad returns car


• Sightseeing tour on a roofless double decker "carriage"! See Parliament, St. Steven's tower or most known as "Big Ben" because of the bell inside, London Bridge, Eye of London, and Visit Tower of London in all its glory featuring "crown jewels" (NO NOT NUTS, YA PERVS)

• Went to Buckingham and got Jace some guardsman pyjamas!


• Bought mint green Barry M, little owl pencil case for Eleisha, sneakers from Primark, a dinky keychain for Artemio


• Take the bus to Waterloo station to go to the Windsor Castle

• Saw a BEAUTIFUL church but no photography was allowed.

• Saw the state apartments and BEAUTIFUL decor.

• Bought Miarka a GB licence plate and a giant heart shaped lollipop for danny that said "I London"

• Went to Harrods to get Tita Daisy a Harrods bag and presents for my aunts

• Went to Oxford circus for the giant Topshop with the candy store and Ms. Selfridges where I got a beautiful dress


• Walked to the train station by King's Cross at 0400!

• Went to Pair-ree by Eurostar! It felt like a luxury! I love trains =*) I wore my silk military ruffled Miss Selfridges dress and ate some GOOD SHAT on the train to Paris

• Arrived at 0700 and went to Notre Dame... Looked for a gargoyle and bought myself a tie-dye Eiffel Tower key chain

• Subway to the Eiffel Tower. The lines were CRAZYYYYY!!!!! So we opted not to climb it because it would take a big portion of our trip here since we only had a day and my parents have already seen it. So many damned gypsies made me sad but cheesed.

• We took pictures around it, and then took the subway to the Louvre. We ate and didn't get to see inside the museum because again, it would take atleast a day to fully see it all and my parents went already. It was nice though...

• Went to the L'arc de Triomphe quickly, btu there was some crane in the way :P

• Went to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and visited pricey shops :( Went to LADURÉE! ♡

• Passed Haagen-Daaz or however u spell it... HEAVEN ON EARTH but so pricey so we had to skip.

• Went to Lafayette coz there was a sale... all designer goods and I loathed this trip because it was all look but don't touch, haha...

• Went to another mall with Bershka being the best store.. LAME....

• Went home because I WAS SO TIRED.

• Drank wine on the train home


• Went to Westfield Mall and this street that was a lot like Kensington market but it was actually kinda pricey... An orchestra played the Harry Potter theme song before we left

• Grabbed bites at M&S and headed home


• Went to Harrods and there was a giant sale.. my mom bought Vera Wang Princess (which I plan on stealing!) and some Boss perfume, more gifts for people

• Went to Oxford street again and got a striped shirt and white sneakers and a gift for my cousin Regine

• Went to Selfridges and Topshop to get my sister's PB bag

• Got monica's presents from Topshop

• I stayed home to finish "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini and again.. cried


• Realized the striped shirt I bought was size 18.. not 8 (these are UK sizes) and we had to return it quickly before we left...

• Returned the shirt and took the train to LHR and ate a good sub there

• On the plane, I Watched Race to Witch Mountain, Yes Man, and Bride Wars (for the 2nd time-_-) and Scrubs was on, but I fell asleep

• Arrived at YYZ at 1700 and fell asleep after unpacking and sorting my laundry

That was my trip to UK & France!

I can't wait for the next big trip! Hawaii 2010 for my sister's wedding should come in no time!

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