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Saturday, June 20, 2009 - 7:23 AM
You make me wanna lose control
Back to top, baby.
Mood: Lethargic
Music: Good Girls Go Bad ft. Leighton Meester - Cobra Starship

Anyways, I'm getting in the UK mood by downloading Skins s3. It takes too friggin long, but atleast it'll be something to pass the time in the airplane when I go home.

Yesterday was my Art Exam, and I'm not even gonna discuss how I almost failed the application because I RAN OUT OF TIME! PEOPLE, KEEP TRACK OF THE DAMNED TIME LMAO =( Embarassing.

After that, I watched a Valkyrie w/ dad and fell asleep. Then I watched HJNTIY with Pia and Joe for the second time. I love ScarJo but must she be such a slut?! LOL <3

THEN went to Mon's house and saw JANVIR, Danny, Tim, Leen, Nikki and ate a pizza and we went to see UP! Obviously I cried again.... Cheesitz. But this time I didn't sob! LOL. Then we snuck into the Hangover. Such contrasting films, eh!? LOL I LOVED THE Hangover. Although it may be lacking for such a highly rated film, we concluded it was a "White boy"/"White frat boy" humour. Funny thing, I called where Doug was right when they asked where he was..... LOL. I'm not even kidddinnggg. After that we ate McDons and that was the end of my week and the beginning of my summer.

When I got home, I finished The Last House on the Left with the girl from Darcy's Wild Life with my sister and Joe. LOL SO MANY MOVIES. But damn... uhmmm messed up.

I've got to finish packing and get ready now! I'm supposed to leave at 1.

I'll mees you guys.

phatee girl

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