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Friday, July 18, 2008 - 12:10 PM
Back to top, baby.
CRAZIEST MOVIE OF 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i saw it midnight screening, as did i see batman begins.......
fucking amazing ass movie, words cannot express!
you must see it :)

slept at 4, woke up at 6:45....... been waking up around that time everyday and sleeping late and i havent slept in for 2 weeks because of work....... and you know how much i like staying up.
well im gonna take a long nice nap tonight, hopefully do some homework coz i got work tomorrow from 10-7 i think.. that'll be a bitch...

to do:
*****look for new job immediately
watch dark knight...... AGAIN! hahahah
pineapple express

save.... aside from all the money i owe, i've decided i'm going to try and reach a gola of 7,500 $ for my trip to japan next year. mabel just pointed out how nights are basically 100/night at a nice hotel, and im scared i'll be struggling with that, so i'll be staying for just 2 weeks... if i could, i'd make it 3 or a month... but i also have to pay for food and transportation, i also know my limits.... budgets..
5,000 spending money
2,000 for food, and living
500 for transportation

as you can see they're high............. thats coz if its low ill be like.. K THIS IS JUST A BUDGET AND ITS SO LOW AND IM NOT AFRAID TO GO OVER IT... but honestly like 8k thats hard shit and so far ive only worked small hours... im working this whole year full of saving just for japan........
OH SHIT and i forgot about my air fare!!!!!! :( omgod...

if i work 1000 hours starting today, i can achieve more than this goal
so i'm thinking if i start doing 42 hours per week.....
nd how am i gonna do 42 hours per week?!?! every 2 weeks i would get 714....
so every month i would get 1428.......... would be more than enough.
assuming i still have a job. i also must keep in mind i have school.....
so lets see...
I HAVE GOT TO SAVE SAVE SAVE.... that i think will be easy coz i told my mom to not let me touch my paychque, and i really just owe her everything.. i accidentally charged my friends their dark knight tickets 10 bucks or 10.50 only promising id pay the 50 cents each bu since there was 7 of us... it came up a lot and it was acutally 95 cents :|.. i got really sad since im also missing 10 dollars...... :(

what i will buy in japan:
- keep the fuck away from gloomy bear that shit is rotting in my room useless... BUT SOOO IRRESISTABLE!!!!!!! :(
- gifts for my friends and family- 1,000
-shoes like fuck limit to 1,000
-cute stationaries, accesories are a must limit to 1,000 (HAHAHHA well this includes bags)
- clothes........ must limit this to only 1,000
-gadgets limit to only 1,000

this trip will rob me of my life...
im having second thoughts on my budget ahahha

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