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Monday, October 27, 2008 - 9:07 PM
Back to top, baby.
I'm in a state of shock(er).
lol stfu, monica.

This morning I was crying so much because I woke up late today.
Wait, I'm getting there.

I was late today so I barely was ready, I didn't know where my shoes were, so I missed the bus that gets me to school... ON TIME.

I made my dad bring me to school... He usually hates doing that because he works sometimes night shifts and is too tired. But I made him bring me anyways because YEAH I JUST really hate being late.

SO on our way to school, some people stop on the main road, Creditview and just drop off kids in front of the school coz they're lazy or whatever and it takes too much time.

This one car stopped so my dad was like, k get off and whatever and stopped as well.

As I was getting off, I felt the car move forward and my seatbelt restrict me.
To my surprise, we a car had bumped us and I just left because I was too scared.
I hate doing when something so fucking random like this happens. I felt that it was all my fault and I was just too embarassed to get to class like this I just kinda broke down at my locker with Emily <3.
I was really emo this whole day though. Accidents are the worst, I'm telling you. Our family is decent, working class but it's hard to live the way we do. I adore my parents for working so hard to give the best living to me, my sister, jace, joe, and angel and I know how hard it is to make us all happy. Sometimes it seems like we live luxuriously but is it really luxurious when we're working so hard to live like htis that in the end its value grows worthless because it doesn't even make us happy? I buy the things that I buy because I have a job and because I need it.
I can dream but I won't always have it. And we share our dreams with each other the same way we share our grievences. I don't live a fucking hard knock life, I live a good life with hard knocks, like every family. I hate how I'm just realizing this now.

Anyways, Religion I had pip program.. I don't even know how to approach Veronica's learning methods. This too, opened my eyes. I always think of how her family copes with shit, you know? I 'm glad I met her, she's also adorable. For Halloween she's Hannah Montana. I FEEL like I understand her so much, even though she can't talk.

Math WAS STUPID I'M SO STUPID. I completely lost everything I knew, but I got to sit with lean and talk about "no one else comes close" lmfao.

I hate physics. PERIOD.

I love French because our unit is about cultures. MAN <3 oh man... I love learning about the globe... and that Discovery channel commercial is damn catchy lolz.

I got hooome and... there were holes at the back of my dads car. I was like.. okay... what the fuck coz like.. they were holes...
I inspected it further and they lookde like bullet holes... They were adhesives though.. Does this man think he's slick? Trying to trick me.. I think he could tell how scared and guilty I felt when I stormed off, lol.

I had a napppppy, made noodles, watched gg... and.... shit my ballz.
max and willa (i forgot her nmae in the show) were damn annoying and too "hipstered out"
ugh it's kinda getting annoying.
I love Jenny working at Eleanors.... I think it's a better path and promises a good future than hanging out with hipsters I'M SORRY BUT like.... bah. MAYBE she'll find success.... She looks talented. I don't know, she has potential just not with her new friends, fucking hate them.
Hopefully they won't be as mean and bitchy as Eleanor (major bitch tips)

ANYWAYS I SLAVED OVER MY MATH HOMEWORK, can't bring myself to tell you how many pages I fucking used :@ But ATLEAST it's over and done with.


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