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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 - 11:59 AM
Back to top, baby.
music: la la la - lil wayne (ITS WEEEZY BAAAYYBEH!)...hahahha fuck!
mood: chill and embarassed

So, last night was semi. See below for the pictarz
Kevin Antonio was hooking me up with some juiice... like not a lot... but Jensy gave me some too :D mission shitfaced FAILED. I'm convinced that I wont ever get shitfaced... ever. I'm somewhat okay with that.
I want just one night before school starts. Add that to the to do list.

Anyyyways, back to semi. It sOunded SOOO lame, like.... C'MON, Wild Water Kingdom? really?!?! hahaha.. it was okay though.... ppl were fucking making a shit out of it like planning after parties, R U SRS?! LAAAAAAAAME!!!!

But yaya ate, chilled, took pics, then the bloodening right after desert and before the main mealio forced me to dipppp. My cousin fucking got 3 nose bleeds... He's been getting them every day for 3 weeks at odd hours of the night. The first aid staff at wwk had to rush to his aid and I stayed right outside the boys washroom the whole cottdamn time while ppl were dancing. I was a little pissed, but I had no right to because he could be in serious health risks. So, my aunt forced me to leave the part at around 11.... when it was supposed to end at 2 (so unreasonable :*() and sarah tagged along being the darling that she is. For some stupid reason we stayed at the hospital... haha ok I was a bigggg bitch coz I was soo pissed idk I wasted like 30 bucks to eat shit food and get dressed so I dont think it was worth the time. but ANYWAYS, l'hopital... i was acting up so my aunt brought me & sarah home and I crashed at my bed immediately, waking up to realize how ashamed of myself I was.
I'm such a bitch and I dont even realize it sometimes.

I end up HATING my family for being so embarassing and not letting me do whatever I want, not letting me have the freedom others have! And yet, many times i fail to realize that I am really privileged. Perhaps the boys are right, I am a bit of a brat :P
Nonetheless, I need to stop comparing myself to my friends and just realize I'M NOT THEM and shit is different.. everything DOES happen for a reason, and I dig that.
Maybe I wasn't supposed ot blaze or get drunk all the times I wanted because God doesn't believe it's right for me. Sometimes I isolate myself from my family because I dont agree with anything or anyone in it. I frown upon all of them as a righteous ass pretentious 15 year old wanna be punk nerd ass fucked up SANDY VAGINA BRAT. & now I guess I should save this hardcore fashion loving BULLSHIT for the last week of summer because I want to be the one good uncoorrupted Estrella/De Guzman. I feel fucking embarrassed to say this, but not one NOT ONE fucking member of my family has wed before getting pregnant. And I don't ever care about sex/chastity/ any of that... but seeing how pissed I am to know this information it makes me want to devout my life as pure (in that cherry popping sense aahha)
Every kid wants a life and being a teenager is ALLEGEDLY the most fun people have in their lives, so sometimes I'll question this- is it really worth the pride? throwing away your youth? maybe it it is, maybe it isnt, but I just dont wanna

To compromise for the mixed emotions I'm getting..... the word of the day... or decade, rather.. is limit....with a little bit of priority. Keeping in mind that happiness is also a priority but there are limits to it... and there are other ways t have fun without being a badass :P

behold- tranny in dress ahead(mee haha):
shes too pretty to take a picture with :(
might as WELL rename this "perversions of patricia album" :(! haha
ok im such a pervert ahah
hahah i HAD to throw this in, credits to lol_nazis @ lj comm

wtf is wrong with my skin? JAUNDICE, right hurr.
fam jam
they MADE me do this!!!
brb crying being around all these qtier than me's.
guess what, I'm COOL

In other random ass ramblings:
unnecessary is probably my most favourite word... EVER. i can't help myself to laughing everytime i hear it?

to do:
pmall with eleisha
downtown with the homies
shitface/piss drunk nite with...?
youtube videos HAHAHA
cottage with fam? (eeeee...)
leearn to skateboard
wild water kingdom with the boyssss
go kart
roller skate
photo shoot lmfao

new striaghtener
new phone
colourful binders
white out
cool pens + pencils
polaroid films
ms points
school shoes

bonus material:
Earlier the day, well at around midnight- I made cookies & saved them for Artemio.
The next morning I ended up ditching Kensington coz... well I woke up too late :( I curled my hair and biked over to Timmy's. We watched my FAVE show, Filmore, Guitar Hero'd. and Danny came.. then Nkechi demanded her xbox shiz (I think) and brought my charger.
In pursuit of a semi dress, I spotted them bus tickets to Square and then we just kind of loafted. I found a lovely dress at Le Chateau but unfortch, I don't have the boobs for it! :@ It's a gradient of dark blue to light blue and it's sleveless and the titties are wrapped, hahaha.
Anywhoooo, I had to dip because it was 5 and I needed to be at semi by 6.30 selon de kevin BUT STILL get ready with sarah, elaine, charlene... eh I ended up getting there at like maybe later than 8 because I LEFT MY DADS IPHONE @ TIMS! I went to his house and left them at Square with Jericho while they ate Johnny Rockets and I just missioned to Tims house and walked home after frantically searching for my dads phone...I left the bike there forTim to borrow so we could go biking some time. By the time YI got home it was like.. 6 and I got dressed to go to Kevins (cousin) house so I could go to sarahs house HAHA I knew I would be late but that wasn't nearly the end of it. Loafted @ Kevins for a while then went to Sarahs and loafted a bit with my love, KARINA! :) She's so coool =*)
After that, we left on our way to Char's bf. Anyways yeah on our way there we saw Elaine and her date! HAHA. We arrived at Le Jardin, finally, which was BEAUUTIFUL :*) :*) (just like a castle/ a dream come true! An ideal place for a PRINCESS like me :) :) )I wanna have my party there but I NEED A POOL WTF! maybe I could have an after party @ a hotel and then youuu know check in some rooms :D
Surprisingly, we still waited a few minutes until the frikkin appetizers had to come so im glad we were late, otherwise awkward drama and chilling would insue. soo yeah, MISSION ACCOMPLISH... little did i know how the rest of my night would go!!

When we arrived, everyone was as cute as could be :D

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