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Patricia Estrellla.
born on [February 12] and I'm sweet[16]. I study at [St. Joseph] as a second year high school student! I LOOOVE clothes, shoes, food, music, hair and make-up (what girls don't?) so you will see a lot of that kind of content in my blog. If you know me well, you'd learn that I'm actually kind of nerdy, down to earth, real, and definetly NOT like anyone else.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 10:15 AM
the notebook
Back to top, baby.
My dearest Allie,
I couldn't sleep last night because I know that it's over between us. I'm not bitter anymore, because I know that what we had was real. And if in some distant place in the future we see each other in our new lives, I'll smile at you with joy and remember how we spent the summer beneath the trees, learning from each other and growing in love. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that's what you've given me. That's what I hope to give you forever. I love you. I'll be seeing you.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 - 9:26 PM
shopping before school
Back to top, baby.
The past few weeks, I've been...
1. Excited about moksha yoga
check out that SWEET deal on this Lululemon "Best Yoga Mat Bag" =*)
2. Hunting for this specific color of this mat!!
I went to Lululemon Eatons, Square One, and finally Vaughan Mills had it :P
3. On the hunt for hot yoga wear
My dad bought these stuff at a Nike Outlet in Vaughan Mills! =)

4. Trying to restrain myself from random/cute stuff at Ones!... BUT FAILING! Evidence... Ice cream lamp (you push the pink ice cream and it lights up!), a lunch bag, lunchbox, sushi shape maker, and chopsticks for when I eat 'em! My mom makes great soosh!)

5. Having a school shopping frenzy

6. Obsessed with cool pens and calligraphy.
But what else is new?
My favourites: the Ice Cream pencil, and Sharp-bo two in one, a pencil case staple in every school year for me :P

7. Spending frivolously
You all know I really don't buy TNA but I am smitten with this flannel! It reminds me of Christmas pjs :)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 5:49 PM
Why you wanna go and do that love, huh?
Back to top, baby.
Music: Frontin' - Pharrell
Mood: Useless

Tomorrow's my last day of driving school and I honestly love my class!
They're siiiiiick.
Everyone, go to Bernie's driving school!!
It's siiiiick.


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 10:57 PM
talking to my vag
Back to top, baby.
Dear period,
stop making my life fuckin' miserable! I HAVE WORK TOMORROW (at 11:30!) AND IT'S FREAKIN' SHARK WEEK.
Love always,


- 9:42 PM
hypebeast/pins and roses
Back to top, baby.

Just a few spacebars from the front page, you might come across this little number.
This is my numbah one stunna, Allison! And it's about time she's got lookbook!
Ever since I was an annoying little tagalong to my sister's house parties in her high school years I'd follow her around because she was the only who thought I was cool and didn't mind talking to me. Ever since, we've made many attempts to hold our annual Demetres dates, but as time has passed and schedules fill up, it's been hard. Nonetheless, we still keep touch and hang out at the occasional get together. Her blog is a real treat for the eyes as it contains a lot of her daily outfits and inspirations. What I love most is she had so much soul (LOL k but forreal, tho...) she's so real and sweet. I know, I already blogged about her previous blog, chicfantasies, but LOL don't you get it? I can't get enough :)

Comment on the CBOX if you'd like a lookbook invite.

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- 5:11 PM
kids only
Back to top, baby.

Jon Gosselin visits!

Yesterday, Jace had his birthday party at Funzone! It was so fun! I baked cupcakes real quick but they were ready soon enough to get to the party on time! Immediately, me and my fave cousin Regine run into the bouncy castle and jump til our hearts stop beating and our legs turn to jelly! Then food calls... we play and babysit Maiya in the giant tomato, billions of slides, and slide and ball pit! So funn. Afterwards, my fave people come. (pictured above) We jumped and jumped on the bouncy castle (there were 2!) until the shitty manager (who we liked to call Hailey Glassman) says "kids only" so we got booted.. haha. After Jace cut the cake, we devised plans to get into the bouncy castle, so after several attempts at sliding down all possible slides, all together, we choreographed a landing from a slide INTO the castle. That kind of worked but I still go scared shitless so.. we were in and out! LOL! Then my girl ALLY came and I had a blast with her! She's the best! =)
Anyways, after I went home with the Espinozas. But last minute, mon decided we should get dropped off at Baskin Robbins, so we went! I was treated by Monica with a Rainbow Sherbet! :D
We walked to the Espinoza's and we visited people's restos on restaurant city, LMAO! K that game is seriously a lolfest. Artemio downloaded an app on his iTouch that lets you call people! So it's a phone! We tried that out, it was sick.. I had a mini T. Swift fest by myself (:( lol) and then on twitter, we were inspired by Eleishas tweet saying she was waiting to see Orphan, so we UPPED AND WENT TO SEE ORPHAN! LOL. It was really a good movie... So jokes and fun to see with fun people! I love you guys =)

Today is... Jace's Birthday. Although I didnt spend more than the morning watching him eat Lucky Charms, I wish the bumby bum (what me and my dad call him) the very best! =) Instead, I went to Famous with Jill Chen who's going to Japan, China, HK and I don't even fuckin know where else in Asialand for 3 weeks! We saw Funny People, which wasn't even that funny, LOL. We bussed home right after the storm (it was going on during the movie and it was so fuckin LOUD lol) and now I am chillin in my room listening to Tay Swift... =*) I missed Shark Week last night, sooo pissed! LOL So expect me to tune when they replay it later on tonight

---Once again,---
Happy 3rd Birthday to the one boy who has never broken my heart!
My loving nephew =*)

I can't believe it's been 3 years. I don't want you to grow up yet!
I hope you had heaps of fun at Funzone. I love you so much, and I'll tell you that every single day.
Even though you are not my child, I love you just as my own. You mean the world to me.
Love, "tricia" <3

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Sunday, August 2, 2009 - 11:47 AM
this is my attempt at trying to be happy after my heart is severed
Back to top, baby.

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- 8:15 AM
Back to top, baby.

Trip to Maine and Quebec
Day One: Tuesday
  • Me, Darryl, Parentals drive about 10 hours to Best Western in Maine... Watched Step Bros and Superbad in the car =*)
  • Drove also with Tita Cecille+Tito Toto, Tita Luluth+Andrew
  • Met up with Tito Roven+Tita Chris+Meghan, Tita Irene+Regine, Bryan
  • Aunts brought Lobbies and Clam CHOWDAH and Pizza for us... One of the hotel rooms STANKED!!!
  • Went to an outlet mall to buy a bathing suit.. It's pretty cute for 10 dollars! I hate Tommy Hilfiger clothing, but they make nice swimwear
  • SWIMMING =*)
Day Two: Wednesday
  • Drove to the beach with Regine in the car this time... TAYLOR SWIFT FEST!!!!
  • We went to Ogonquit... reallly beautiful day. We met this BIG DOG that looked like an Eskie/chow chow and evidently her name was ANGEL!!! =***) SOOOOO FUCKIN CUTE
Lobster traps

Had to get off the bridge

"Abercrombie boys"

The dog also named "Angel"! =*)

New England Shoreline
  • Went to Lobsterfest in Rockland! Pretty yums but expensive. I had fried shrimpies. It was really cool there were tents set up, a BUNCH of food.. exactly like ribfest but in that case, Lobster/seafood :P! I got a butterfly crown.... for children I guess but it had curly strings so I called it my "TAYLOR SWIFT" crown =***) and needed it.

My cousins being LOLworthy
  • Drove to Bar Harbour's Holiday Inn.... Reallyyy cute! It was a really gloomy but family can really brighten your day
At the back of the hotel there was this dock

Across the dock and beside the hidden pool there was a nice spa.
  • SWIMMING =*)!!! Marco Polo for daaysss, lmao
  • Supernatural show, and Tong Itz .. noo booost but I just owned.
Day Three: Thursday
  • Went to some docks which had the Filipino flag... kinda weird, lol.. It was REALLY pretty but a sucky weather day, again...

      "I'm on a BOAT!"

      We on a boat

      Parents being lam3sauc3
      • Went to a Lighthouse the size of my garage.. LMAO we got there and it was such a disappointment
      • Headed to QC =( Depart with the cousins
      • Arrived at Hotel Quartier... reall swankkk lol

      • Went to Old Quebec! Oooh I loved it!
      • Ate at St. Hubert's! LMAO It's like Swisch but realllyyy awesome =***)
      • Made a restaurant on Restaurant City with my mom LMAO
      Day Four: Friday
      • Went to MTL! Passed by my future school: McGill!!! BITCHES!!!
      • Went to Old Montreal... WHOOOT... =*) so much cool and nice restos! I got macaroons form this cupcake and ice cream shop near Notre Dame!
      • Decided I will marry at Notre Dame in Montreal... (or PARIS.... but... YOU KNOW MANS ARE POOR)
      • Ate at Serafim... some reallyyyy lovely restaurant with all organic food and Charlie Chaplin playing all the time on this big screen
      • Went to the top of MTL to "admire the view" but really just take pics for my dad and whine that I wanted to get home coz my butt hurts
      • Went home
      I think I ate a Tim Horton's Large Chicken Salade Sandwhich toasted on white bread ALMOST EVERY DAY... except Wednesday.
      total count :3
      damn, they are good =*)

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