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Friday, January 30, 2009 - 10:19 PM
we outta here, baby
Back to top, baby.
Plar 3 wasn't as live as anticipated. A number of things upsetted me.... but it's okay coz WE OUTTA HERE, BABY!
Monica lost her fucking phone/aka it probably got teefed. Why isn't this BIGGA TEXTING ME BACK!?!?! Using my damn mother's cell phone so if he sends another BJ related one.. uhmmmm............. fuck that ahhha.
Lol I love my girls but it' just not fair that they have the honour of being STAMPED by DUFFELZ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. FUCKERS. It's ATL tradition to.... sex Mama V.


Thursday, January 29, 2009 - 6:45 PM
hell hath no fury like a french canadian scorned
Back to top, baby.
GSP.... He's got legs for days, he's Canadian, he speaks french, he's the current UFC welterweight champion, he's humble, and lastly... sexxed.

Saturday he's going against BlowJob Penn (ha..ha.. original) again.. and he'll win again (hopefully)

Place your bets, kids.
fucking watermark...
he 2 fast (LMAO)
GSP and his legs for days.

Pia and Joe met BJ and GSP like 2 months ago at some conference, I believe. My sister loves him off. Ain't he cute? :)
I made my French speech about him last year in grade 9 and found this 1 particular fact quite interesting
he got bullied (people would steal his clothes....DAMN!) when he was young which encouraged him to learn self defense
Awwww!!! BABY!! :( haha.. you PERVERTS stop imagining him vulnerable and nekkid.

Tomorrow I start semester 2.
Schedule goes as follows
Period 1: Grade 11 U Math, Secko
Period 2: English, Riccardi
Period 3ac: Civics/careers, Neal/Wheeler
Period 3b: Lunch
Period 4: Art, McBride

  1. Clean room!!!
  2. Vacuum
  3. Get the PAPES (for my binders :P!)
  5. find out how I'm getting home from PLAR

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - 8:11 PM
married to the mob
Back to top, baby.
most official bitch uffie............. HAHAHA I'm so awkward 8)

i look ten here

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- 7:40 PM
most official bitch
Back to top, baby.
music: it was a good day - ice cube
mood: invincible

I just got home an hour ago... Tried on my new purchases! Bottom line... Today was a good day, granted I am 300 broker. Too lazy to write what happened properly... but what a nice way to lift my spirits after exams and being grounded... which killed my mood FOR DAYS (litteraly) Lafferday saints....

  • mom was sick, so lola came over and made me noodles... Oh Joy =*)
  • was late to meet up on the 61 to squaresies (sorry) But BOY WAS IT BEAUTIFUL THAT AFTERNOON =*)
  • on the next bus I saw Ally and Cara!!!!!!! IT WAS A LOVE BUS!!! =*)
  • met up with the [real] love of my life..... Monzee!!!! Greeted by a plethora of fobs... made fun of them, and now I feel horrible hahaha... what if YOU were a fob... =(
  • real talks with my bbygurl <3
  • OMG the ticket guy at Islington station LEVITATED MY 5 DOLLAR BILL!! He was like "wanna see magic?" and I was like.... uhhh suuure.... AND HE LEVITATED THE FUCK OUT OF THAT SHIT I'M NOT EVEN LYING U!! NEEDING PIX ON THE NEXT TRIP!
  • On our way to F21.... WE GOT STOPPED BY THE GINGER FROM CTV NEWS AND THE SEXXED CAMERA MAN AND THEY FUCKING ASKED US WHAT THE GOVERMENT COULD DO TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY... HAHAHAH HOW THE FUCK!!!!! :( We stumbled for a good 5 minutes and I just ended up saying buy Canadian.... Mon said lower taxes, hahahaha shiet like how do u expect us to have such great answers :(
  • Spent a while looking for a MESH BODY SUIT AT AA.... Then ventured to UO for my beloved TUNIC but i bounced on that 70$$$ purchase.. *sigh* way too much over my price range to buy so impulsively.. I promise that I must have it...... Bought Monica a boa dress and a cute wallet...
  • Aritzia had their bigger than boxing day sale... bumfuck... I got some [BLANK] bleached jeans for 88.... Biggest jean splurge for me, but definetly worth it. Fits good, nice wash... HAHAHAH MON'S DOCS ARE 59 AS OPPOSED TO ORIGINALLY 150!!!!
  • lavish & squalor... got my uffie x cobrasnake x married to the mob shirt... adore! Also we got fucking grammatically incorrect bracelets that look like our Jesus ones but they had like money signs and hearts and peace signs and "wealtm, freeadom, love..." spelt like that of course.. Though, my just says freeadom wrong.. Monee's wealth has a fucking M in it... bahahha. Talked to THEE CHILLEST guy who worked there about Russell Peters. LOVE....
  • went to aa because I'm a fucker and got the black flex fleece hoody... honestly thouuugh... warmth in life.
  • went to Chaptoorrrzzzzz looked at some shitty teen books and WAS SO TEMPTED TO BUY THE SECRET... should I?!?!?! AHHH HAHAH.
  • missed you :) (idk who)
  2. wilfred pocket tank... in white
  3. eyelinorrr
  4. benefit GEORGIA <3>
  5. UO TUNIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH
  6. remington beach wave hot rollers
  7. pineapple express blu ray
  8. peach aa v-neck
  9. crest whitestrips duh ahahah

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- 8:23 AM
mommy's dead
Back to top, baby.


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Monday, January 26, 2009 - 4:36 PM
Back to top, baby.
music: improvise - Kanye West
mood: SO RELIEVED!!!

My French exam was easy peasy!
Time to fucking celebrate because exams are over, yayyyyy!!! =*)

Holy MAMA today was FREEZING!!!! Like I literally almost froze my nips toes off... I went on the 10 home with the guys and miyorks, ashley, and fatima....... But the 61 wouldn't come for another fucking 24 minutes (we were going to tim's area)

Soooo yeah... we fucking WALKED... :(

The guys blazed with the bong Emily bought, Chilly, and some wooden one.... and left the window open the whole time and so I was engulfed by the blanket the whole time playing Guitar Hero and watching Family Channel....

Then Monee's friends came and we watched Choke... uhmm.. sexual much. But I want to finish it, chuck P's one of my dad's faves!.....Monee and her friends had their turn to blaze then we went back up so tim et al could blaze again.. Cara joined later! But yeah, earlier.... we had a jam session to A Whole New World and Chris Brown.... bahahahah! While Janvie and Jorwin (birthday boys tomorrow) got trapped in the closet (k not trapped but if u watch South Park, I'm sure you'd find that hilarious...) singing and Jorwin kept making beats on the door... Artemio got pissed because last time the door got abused, Danny made a hole in it so we tried to get them out using some axe and lighters but just ended up playing with it and Danny burned some of Timmy's hair...............(LMAO)
Watched food network until my momma picked me up and I had tacos today! Yum.. I haven't ate since yesterday.... 1 measely slice of pizza for dinner :(

I WOULD be watching Gossip Girl today if it wasn't a fucking replay.... But I doooo love this episode.
So bye bye, cuties :)


Saturday, January 24, 2009 - 11:34 PM
thug liiiiife
Back to top, baby.
OMG I keeeeeeeeeep watching Pineapple Express... I can't help it, my love is too good, TOO GOD.

Damn, I want a Daewoo, now................. bahaha.

Hmmm lets see...
Today I...
  1. went to church and read a reading for sto. nino *Does gunshots hand sign*
  2. fiesta'd (fob ways)
  3. served coffee to a fafillion people
  4. went to visit my grandmas cemetary
  5. picked up cupcakes from "SWEE-RILZ" (how my mom pronounces swirls)
  6. went to square one so my sister could get her aditrack and my cousin could get her tna pants
  7. joe left us at square.. :( stranded near car buffs
  8. came home and ate and stuff
  9. partied some more....
  10. kareoke'd bohemian rhapsody and carpenters, eminem, and some nirvana.............. BAHAHAH I WOULD :( tell me how they didnt have tell me where it hurts-mymp... i thought that mic was MAGICAL..... fobs!!! :@
  11. watched affliction fight and some guy who got sacked SOOO bad
  12. pineapple
  13. skins

Every year my family hosts a Sto. Nino fiestatingdembout at St. Ambrose church where u can basically dance with ur lil Jesus guy and eat for free and attend mass or whatever.... But somehow every year someone manages to steal a sto. nino... who does that :( lol... it's lolable I guess, tho...

Today we had a little mini sweet 16 party for me and my cousin Cassie... even though my bday isnt for another like 2-3 weeks? I can't wait til I'M G1 CERTIFIED!!! Except I'll have to wait like what another 8-12 months to take the driving test :'(... Anywho uhmmm I loved what Tita Bess got me =************)

  • hello kitty steering wheel, keychain, lisence plate cover, and car decal (for my MUSTANG)
  • hk pencils and jewellery

I know Pia's reading this and getting pissed because she thinks the Mustang is only for her but I'm honestly not gonna be driving for a long time... So "hold your horses" TEE HEE I'M CLEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR..

Skins was sooo weirrrd. Effys a scally, but I loove her. The season premiere wasn't that great... however they DID manage to play some WU TANG!!!... Fred or whatever (sceney skater guy) pisses me off but so does the BJ tattoo guy......... UGH!!! I fuckin miss season 1 & 2! SID AND CASSIE :(!!!!

Speaking of BJs (hahaha) GSP x BJ PENN fight next week....ever since Joe's been working at that place at night we rarely spend weekend nights doing something fun... just BUMMING AROUND, so I doubt I'll be seeing that CUTIE GSP tear it up next wek...... hmmmmmmmmmmm........... I pray that GSP wins!

Why am I still up doing nothing but blogging, I do not know...

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Friday, January 23, 2009 - 4:37 PM
i push my seed in her bush for life.
Back to top, baby.
music: the seed (2.0) - the roots
mood: refreshed


  1. study for G1
  2. get TNA pants off Anners for Regine tmrw @ square
  3. get a blackberry!!! sheeesh
  4. study for french
I finally know exactly what to get you bbygirl...!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009 - 5:15 PM
Back to top, baby.
*parents are in kitchen, mom is unloading groceries*
dad: meron na tayo ang (something like that) H-O-T... D-O-Gs?
me (in other room): HOT DOGS!!!!

LMAO why the fuck did my dad spell that out, I do not know....

ANYWAYS Tomorrow I will post up the wonderufl presents LEENIBABY got me from FOBLANDS :) :) :) I loooove her.
Bs up Cs down! A lunch crew is no more.... :(

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- 2:34 PM
play crack the sky
Back to top, baby.
music: I Used to Love Him - Lauryn Hill

I love looking at pictures of the Northern Lights. They are so beautiful. Hopefully one day I may be able to see them in life.
Enjoi. :)

****YAWN****!!! exams are almost finished....

Science and French is all I have next!
Wish me luck, loves!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 1:47 PM
i be- on it all night, man, i be on it all day, str8 up, pimp, if u want me u can find me in the....
Back to top, baby.
music: Kryptonite (punk goes crunk cover)- Emanuel
mood: lazy (as usual)

Tell me how I fucking hate Ne-Yo and yet I'm downloading his album maintenant. That sly fucker.
Tell me how I hateeeeeeeeed when people used the phrase "tell me how" but tell me how I'm saying it.

I don't give a fuck at the fact that I'm not studying right now, not because I think I'm confident that I'm acing anything, but it's the exact opposite. I know I should be studying and I know at the end of the night I'll be stressing my ass off but I'm just not in the mood... sooooooooooooo..... fuck u

I'm baffled at the fact that I went to school today. I usually never on these kinds of lazy days, and as usual none of my friends went so what the HELL was the point in going??? Oh yeah HOUSE ARREST. Still on those tips and it's making me so mad and I just wanna rebel or something.

I miss my friends......
I want to be "soooo stresssed" *wobbles head and hands* with monica cozying up in sweats in our hotspot... Second Cup! Czarah being our Gunther.... With cookie crumble cake and hot chocolate or some sort of "important" beverage like coffee or something. AVEC glasses and messy hair buns and our macs hand in hand books open yet completely not focused..... (THE DREAM!).......... Then lookbook it and watch our fame unfold on the front page.....k i lied about the lookbook part... hahaha we're so crazed. But one day WE MUST be on that page with a billion hypes <3

Of course I'm just sitting here scratching my ass because of these tights.... (TMI?)
secretly dying because of loneliness.


Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 12:01 PM
Russian nigths and Proenza pre-fall
Back to top, baby.
feu de russie, nuit de russie, et or de russie!
I want them ALL so much!!!!!!! I can't decide which one I want the most.
But I still want gold fiction...... Well anyways, fuck it goes I don't have 30x4 dollars to spend on nail polish.... let alone 30.

The green ensemble is my favourite, but look at that gold skirt. To die for.

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- 10:45 AM
you're my saving grace
Back to top, baby.
music: Beyonce- Halo
mood: Lazy

Ugh I usually hate Beyonce but I looooove this song! It's so cute.

After much construction the past few days have been lonely and tiring. I've made a layout for my sis and thissss new blogspot. Still on house arrest. I SHOULD BE STUDYING my nips off, but I'm shoooo lazzzzzyyy........

Do you guys like the new layout? Is the wood bothering you? Haha... My sister doesn't like it.

I love that I found the music player. It never occured to me to putting one, but I put one for my sister and I was like... Kay this is kinda cool. Get one at myflashfetish.com
It sounds sketchy, but it really isn't, haha. IF YOU DO GET ONE, then get the NY girl HAHAHA.

Today I planned to study study study and catch some GG if it's still on on Sundays. If not, I think we're going to Yorkdale because my sister wants to.....

Last night Pulp Fiction was on and it was so great because the most retarded scene showed up TWICE hahaha. It was the one when Marcellus Wallace gets F'd up the A and Bruce Willis has to save him, lmao. Def not a family moment, but I looove that movie... I really want to see Reservoir Dogs now!

Here's my schedule:
  • Monday: French Oral Test (you pervs...)
  • Tuesday: Review on every subject
  • Wednesday: Relgion Exam
  • Thursday: Math Exam
  • Friday: Science Exam, Cousins from NY and PA come over <3!!!!>
  • Saturday: Sto. Nino
  • Sunday: Cousins form NY and PA leave...
  • Monday: French Exam
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: PA DAY! :), Job Hunting
  • Thursday: Semester Turnaround! (Hello grade 11 U math...fuck.., english, civics/careers, 3b lunch, & art)
  2. Math Review (4ratic functions & equations, trig unit)
  3. Religion Review
  4. Science Review
  5. Buy drivers handbook or dvd or WHATEVER SO I CAN BE G1 CERRRTIFIED on my BDAY =*)
  6. put together an outfit for sto. nino
  7. kill myself
I'm actually thinking of just CHILLING IN MY BLANKET/ (perhaps investing in a snuggie for me and mon if my mom lets me.. she's a BIT convinced or humoured.. one of them but she insists its a backwards robe.. HOWEVER IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT...) to prepare for the next sleep depriving days.

Ladies, this next one's for you........................

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Friday, January 16, 2009 - 8:36 PM
these are the tales of the cool
Back to top, baby.
MMMMMMMOOOOOOothafucka ahdshdjashd hahalalalhalallahalalahalala

I'm grounded if YA HAVEN'T HEARD til February coz I.... "lost my virginity to batman on deck"

hahaha I'm totally fucking with you.
I skipped Religion so of course my parents "ground" me until February. WHO DOES THAT SRSLY.

Religion is my first period and I didn't go because I didn't feel like it on Wednesday with Nikki, Miarka, Marteina and Joshuelle. We planned to make Hladin bring down the attendance and erase our names from absent but that SLY FOX OF A SUPPLY TEACHER (!!!) took it down himself. MOTHA FOCK. I honestly have never skipped before except during buyouts, last days of schools, vacations, "snow days" (aka bus cancellations) but my parents have always allowed me on those days...

  1. ITS RELIGION WE DONT LEARN ANYTHING IN THAT CLASS THAT I DON'T ALREADY KNOW, YOU KNOW? (k well actually obviously not because I skipped it and i'm saying how i don't need it and how its basically useless but LOLOLOL I'm actually a good person so??)
  2. what the fuck man, FEBruary!?!??!?! are you serious
  3. It's crunch timeeeee... I gotta study hard 8)
  4. I've never been grounded before :(... I was gonna see NOTORIOUS TODAY WITH MY GANGSTER GYALDEM but noooooo.... I got to go to the library to see Danny and John, though. They were stuck for like an hour on this question quadratic functions and within 5 minutes I solved it for them HAHAHAH but honestly I FAILED TODAYS CAT BECAUSE I FUCKING SKIPPED FACTORING 1 FUCKING FUCKIGNDIFGNIFDSIFSI FUCK NUMBFUCKER!!!!! WHICH MEANS I GOT EVERYTHING ELSE WRONG COZ IT WAS ONE OF THOSE 1 A)B)C) ANSWERS SORRY I'M YELLING BUT MATH PRETTY MUCH IS MY SCHOOL LIFE LOLLZZZ

  • Bromance the show is so terrible... mainly coz of Femi. Actually it's kinda okay but Femi piss me the fuckkk off, haha.
  • FINISHED MY FRENCH CAT FINALEMENT... It was so fun, though. I seriously loooove Jill, Daniel, Tisha, and Joshuelle! Our group did cooooooooolsy.
  • My sister made me make her a layout.... Her "BS" as she calls it is pia-colada.blogspot.com if you want to see the layout. I think she'll be using that account now JSYK, Regine.
  • My course selections goes as follows: hang myself
  • there were odd fumes in the school so 3rd floor was lucky enough to be evacuated...UNFORTUNATELY I'M ON 2ND!!!!!! :@ :@ I wanted all 3 lunches, man!!! :(
  • I finally learned the bow tie bun and it is amazing
  • I'm still in my uniform coz I was working on my sis' layout haha.
  • I'M SOOOO SAD THAT MY OVERNIGHT TRIP TO BLUEY FOR MY BDAY IS CANCELLED!!!!!!! :***( IT wouldve been the perfect birthday but now I'm just really bummed I can't celebrate it like that.. I was really looking forward to it and it would be on Valentines day, man! How cute is that!!! Except I don't frigging have a valentine (one day, mr. chu... you will be mine) Have no idea how I'm cellybrating my SWEET SEXTEEEN!!! :( probably won't even.
  • wtf I'm so weird :(!! No wonder guys never hit on me/talk to me ahhaha ewwww.

Anyfucks, why do I keep swearing.

Someone make me a free jitz/free yayo/phree phatee/free free (from bet hahaha) shirt....*COUGH* MONICA*COUGH*

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Sunday, January 11, 2009 - 4:10 PM
these are the tales of the cool
Back to top, baby.
Medicine IS something that interests me, but science is one of my weakest subjects. The reason I want to get into the medical field is because I want to contribute my part to a better society AND help humanity.
Idealistically, I'd like to be a drug dealer (jk... a PHARMACIST) or a registered nurse.
However, I don't want to be stuck in university dying.
I also do know that there's a high demand for jobs in the medical field.
ALSO I HAVE THIS THEORY that when the world is coming to an end and the economy is impossible to improve, the only people with full power are those in the medical field because a giant epidemic from poor living conditions will spread and only we have the tools and shizzz.

If I decide not to become a nurse, I want to be an accountant. Math right now is my strongest subject and it's not that challenging to me. But I don't know if I want to spend my life in an cubical punching numbers. It doesn't seem fun. The pay is good, and of course this is shallow but who doesn't think money is a huge factor in deciding your job? I won't stress out too much here, and it's not too tedious. Plus, I'm not gonna lie... uhm... I kinda like math.

Lastly, I would looove to be a history teacher. History is my favourite subject, and UHM LOL I actually got an award in grade 8 for it (no BOOST.) History is the one thing I am passionate about and teaching sounds really fun! BUT OF COURSE there's the money issue and the fact that no one ever really respects teachers. BAH.

soooo.. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF do i do because for a while I wanted to drop everything and just be a history teacher but now its not appealing to me anymore!!!

possible courses for grade 11
*1. english U
*2. math U
*3. religion M
4. bio U
5. chem U
6. physics U
7. accounting
*8. french

9. fashion
10. parenting
11. american history (X!!)
12. 16th century history
13. intro to pyschology

what do i doooooo and i really can't take summer school because I don't want to condense any of the available subjects, they're all really important :|!

I really really see fashion as a priority because it's the thing i am MOST passionate for. Just so unrealistic for me to find a job in that area because of how competitive and limited it is.... For gr.11 I see it as the only ounce of fun I will actually have because let's face it who the fuck thinks math and science is ENJOYABLE?! :|
Well.... certainly not me.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009 - 8:46 AM
these are the tales of the cool
Back to top, baby.
i like this so much, plus it comes with this hooded cape..

i really want this to wear on my bday
i dont have any bags unlike REGINE but this would be nice.. i don't know i love the colour btu lately i've been dreaming of pastel outfits because it looks beautiful in the snow.. i'm tired of monochromatic trends they nice and all but it's getting depressing and everything looks like it's trying to duplicate alexander wangs collection lol

i love my vs pink blazer but its too nautical to wear with that white tunic i want! i want a BLACK blazer this time tho.. but i like little boy blazer fits that kind...

i neeeeed to stock up on MUTED AND PASTEL AND NEUTRALS <3
one thing i looooooooooove about spring.

little facts:
  • i LOVE the word "TRUEEE"... and sometimes said as.. "CHUUUU" or "TRUSKIS"
  • I HATE when people say "she WOULD..." hahahahahha!!! idk why... i mean i don't hate it but i hear it so much.
  • TIPS is my favourite word ever
  • "i can see clearly now the rain has gone" song makes me laugh everytime i hear it, i really don't know why.
  • if someone says "fuck the police" i have to join in and laugh after.
  • i laugh when hearing racist jokes but inside i really am devastated that we poke fun at other cultures' misfortunes... SORRRYYY hahahah. so i'm not just joking when i say "that's offensive, guys....."
  • when i say i LOATHE something i usually love it. see "she WOULD"... ahaha or tips.. i actually hate/love that word. i mostly hate it so much that it gets to me and makes me love it. IE AKON AHAHAHAHA AND NE-YO SONGS!!!
  • k i gotta admit i am a bit stingy with my money. when it comes to lunch when ppl ask for money i try to hint that they need to owe me back but they never do so sometimes ill just lie and say i dont get shit bitches... most of the time i really dont tho becausee....
  • i dont eat lunch at the caf anymore.. i starve myself until i get home so my allowance is my only means of saving... which explains how i dont like spending frivolously because i couldve ate for one week.
  • like wow tips.

obviously this is so me to boost and remind you all that my birthday is in MORE THAN A MONTH LMFAO. every year i try so hard to not remember it's my bday so really i shouldnt be posting this but i want a 16 candles kinda sweet 16! =*) haha. which defeats the whole BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION THING.. but anywho... that won't happen. unless u all pretend its not my bday on february __!

so for my bday i'm not having a big celebration... but i think my family and crs + monee + maybe eleisha are going to blue mountain overnight for skiing. i lied... snowboarding (who da fuqq skis.. except broskis and trueskis)
to tell u the truth all i really want is to eat at the keg or red lobster, too tho..... or demetres.. or both one of them and demetres! ahha i'm usch a greed mothafudgecake. speaking of cakes! I LOOVE BIRTHDAY CAKEHINT HINT PIA GO GET ME THE SAME ONE U GOT DAD BUT DECORATE IT U EFFORTLESS BASTARD. jk. overnight @ blue is enough for me bcuz i know how pricey 1 night is and i feel bad... but anywho.
i almost forgot..... i have to study for my g1!! yay i'm so excited! me and kev are gonna do our driving lessons together haha.


I FOUND THE CURE FOR MY PASTEY RETARDED UNEVEN SKIN AROUND THE EYES. why didnt i think of this before. CONCEALER. except i know i'm using it wrong hahaa. im using the one my mom got from tita dang and the mac 227 brush but i'm using it like its kind of an eyeshadow? id ont know.. like the inner corners of my eyes so its a bit white because my moms a pasty one.

kinda sad that i got al prettied up to see my other best firend, eleisha whom i havebt seen for ayear...... or talked to... but she flopped on me! :( the sad thing is artemio told me she texted ehr she couldnt come and i was like u fucking liar (he always does that to me) so whatever i just waited.......... and she called saying she couldnt come and i was like OH tim didnt lie... but she didnt even call him to say that LOL.... oh well... we're studying for exams at the library.. hopeefuly. ANOTHER FLOP WAS MONICA (u bitch!!!) and i were supposed to go the downtown today but its k its a busy month for us all, no problem with understanding. i myself must get to doing my homework.
not really good pictures but loool my eyeliner and mascara even smudged!! lol.
i get really pale in the winter time...... so i used my 2 year old benetint and it didnt blend well because the rough patches just got even redder and i swatch it on my cheeks and usually mix it but this time it like just made red lines....... i was so pissed so i blended it in with my foundation and it looked a bit pinker but this is realy ghetto and im running out of my clinique almost make up so i really haveeee to get some kind of real blush. i REALLY WANT BENEFIT GEORGIA!!! :@ maybe ill go out and get it today.. but you know money is tight (like yo vag!)

peace xx

oh ps. exams are coming up. i have a lot of undone reviews and i have like 2 CATS to do left! omgaaahh

OH PPS. FUCKING HATE HOW ST. JOES CALLS CPTS (culminating performence tasks) CATS ITS LIKE "oh gtg doing my CAT" D: U FUCKIN BEASTIALITY MONGREL!!!!! i haave to call them culminatings or cpts btu everyons liek WTFZZZZ A CPT THAT SOUNDS WEIRD. k HELLO.. CAT sounds idiotic i'm sorry.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - 6:15 PM
Back to top, baby.
You always bring me down.
I wish I had someone to look up to, but not like that.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009 - 6:54 PM
these are the tales of the cool
Back to top, baby.
i NEED THIS.. (dont mind my screen capping skillzzzzz) It's under the UO BELTS section but I can't find this frigging DRESS IT'S PERFECT FOR ME. classy and romantic!!! its frigging MINE I WANT IT :'(. no where to be found...i love theseeee! forgot where i stole 'em from, tho
its hard to find decent boots these arent my DREAM ones but certainly nice
its tricky to find leathery grey slouch boots

SOOO expensive but it looks like it works WONDERS

sorry idk why i included those bars but I LOVE THIS BAG!!
harem pants... fashion DO or DONT? still debating.. but i kind of love the silk wilfred ones they had at aritzia LOL
in brown

fuck i still want these but...... i have a feeling theyre a bit too common for my liking. to me they are like seeing uggs being worn... HALF wish i had them/love HALF loathe them.
i need this already!!!
this too
i read into the diana and no longer want it... too much problem with the film (hard to find, hard to find a place to develop, PRICEY....)

  3. meet with miarka tomorrow
  4. exam review- math
  5. go over science notes daily
  6. get a job
  7. read a book

accomplish list
  1. beat littlebigplanet
  2. clean room
  3. bought neutrogena wave
  4. saving.......... [pending]
  5. stayed sober at an almost all drunkie party!!! :) SO PROUD

So far I'm caking it by an undisclosed amount and I'D LIKE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! So many things are tempting me but I'm holding all my urges in. One thing I still really want, in particular is benefit dandelion. I had this 2 years ago and didn't finish it so it SHOULD be around the house somewhere btu it isnt. I HAVE to buy another tube of clinique almost make up spf 15!!! It's my "can't live without" product... It's a foundation that my mom bought for herself, but I ended up using and I've run out (sigh) I kind of want to try a powdery foundation... But creams are probably best because of my dry skin. On that note, THERE ARE THESE REALLY DRY PATCHES ON MY CHEEKS THAT I DON'T KNOW HOW THE FUCK GOT THERE theyre like so rough and I'm hoping they're not from my neutrogena wave because I love that product it makes everything else on my face extremely SOFT and clean and clear and under control!! :(

Onto more worldly news........... an FX jam was held at CAROS house for JJ, JV, AJ, LV and it was good at first.. would've been better if I had a little juice in me but uhm I WAS REUNITED WITH THE LOVES OF MY LIFE and met a bunch of new people, whch was really cool. Unfortunately none of the cuties I HAD MY SIGHTS ON were attracted to me! I always attract the crazies... the drunkies..... Anyyyyways. At around like 9:30 a pointless fight broke out.. sooo useless and was ust a huge buzzkill to everyone and POOR CARO got so pissed! I love her so much and sad some people had to ruin it for others with unneccessary disputes. SO it pretty much ended because she threatened everyone she was gonna kick them out because no one would listen. I helped clean up and the weird thing is.. I kinda fought to be picked up at 12... then my mom said 10 30 and i was like WTF then my dad said 10 and I was liek "WOOOW TIPS" and then I REPLIED "11:30 FINAL OFFER!" and then actually got to get them to agree to 12..... BUT ACTUALLY GOT PICKED UP AT 10 coz it pretty much ended.. :(
Anyways, hopefully theres more jams to come! *COUGH* PLAR 3 *cough* so am I invited or what the fuck lol :(

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Thursday, January 1, 2009 - 10:22 PM
Back to top, baby.
I'm back.

TOO LAZY to write about the trip...
but here's sum fun facts

  • Decided not to go with parents to times square so I just stayed at the hotel and I started off my 2009 peeing...... WHOO.
  • didn't buy anything.Well I got like a VS sleeping mask, a fake luella headband from forever21, and new york look, nylon, and teen vogue... but that's honestly just it.
  • I broke my resolutions already lmao...

The new years hype makes me feel depressed. It doesn't feel like fucking 2009... nothing's changed so I feel that nothing IS going to change and even tho my creepers gone I'm still so unbearably happy.

BAHH.. I have a party tmrw but I don't even feel like going right now because of all the homework I have still... It makes me want to cry just thinking of all the stuff that's going to go on at school.