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Patricia Estrellla.
born on [February 12] and I'm sweet[16]. I study at [St. Joseph] as a second year high school student! I LOOOVE clothes, shoes, food, music, hair and make-up (what girls don't?) so you will see a lot of that kind of content in my blog. If you know me well, you'd learn that I'm actually kind of nerdy, down to earth, real, and definetly NOT like anyone else.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008 - 8:11 PM
Back to top, baby.
Today I went to Ribfest @ Centennial w/ my fam. It was pretty awesome. We only stayed for a while but MMMMMMomg!!! Can't go wrong with ribs ribs ribs! :*) Pia and Joe got two crazy blooming onions. Mmmmm so good and greasy.
KSDJAKSDJ. Then it stared to rain :( I bought cotton candy and dipped :D

After, we went to Squaaare (ugh loaftville much LOL) and there was that sale @ Aritzia. I got some athletic shorts... I'm ashamed to say.. TNA JSADKJSIOAS. Ew. Lol. I keep promising myself that I will stop buying TNA shit but I just keep going at it. It's a guilty pleasure, really. I wanted this gold Talula dress, heavily reduced but still quite pricey so it was a no. My mom said I could get the high waisted wilfred skirt in black! Eeeeeee. <3>a POOL jeebz I can only wish
- McDonawwwwdsss obvi.
- half of every paycheck, i'm saving for my Japan trip next year... hopefully if the rents let me.

- new layout is in the making.. too lazy and uninspired to make a banner. I'm hoping to do one hand-drawn or using my wacom tablet that is basically rotting somewhere in this house.....
- wesc x Aoki headphones!@#$%$#
- black aa cardigan
*- high gladiators
- oxfords
- chanel 1505's.... fuck.

Now my Family and I are seeing 30 Days of Night. Theres a bloody eskimo kid running away from a vampire right now (heavy shit right thurrr hahahaha)
This movie is effed... But it's good.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008 - 9:03 PM
Back to top, baby.
I'm sad.
How much longer will I last without being in love?
It's been way to long. Why isn't there anyone for me?
I'm tired, so tired... so lonely.

k that sounds desperateeeeee. lol.


Friday, June 27, 2008 - 6:15 PM
Back to top, baby.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008 - 8:58 PM
Back to top, baby.
Music: Kick, Push - Lupe Fiasco
Lesson learned today: How to kick push

So today I was just continuing the blog. I'm so happy with the appearance! It's definetly temporary, seeing as... how almost too girly it is! BUT! I am not complaining. I guess no matter what kind of "masculine" interests I'm into, I'll always be a daddy's little princess... haha, oh goodie. I really do love my daddsyyyyy

I visited FX to pick up my report card/ transcript needed for Joes. I think I did really well! I'll post my marks when I get them back tomorrow. (I didn't get enough time to analyze everything, I had to hand it in to St. Joseph) However, I did manage to sneak a peek into my overall average! 87.1%.... That. 1 is really bothering me, like is it really necessary? Haha... So satisfied! I thought I would've struggled more, but this year was amazing to just let go and feel at ease with myself. I'll have to visit again tomorrow at 11:30 for an appointment with the vice principal (I'm kind of scared :P)

Afterwards, Tim, Danny, and Janvir picked me up and we skated over to Artemios for a while where they endlessly and incessantly sang "This is Me - Demi Lovato ft. Joe Jonas". Hehe, I must confess, it IS really catchy... But it's TWEEN DISNEY! je refuserai.... haha. Finally when they finished, we went off to Wal-Mart (of course... -_-) Well, we didn't do much... What can I say, loaft and eat McDonalds to make us feel better about loafting? My mom was there to give me money and the nickname of "DA BRAT" and other jokes insued. I love/hate my friends sometimes. 35 cents cola........ wow. We went back, skated some more, hung out with none other than Nkechi. Then, we all skated. Monica took pictures in her cute outfit which she wore for her introduction to Aritzia. She will defffffinetly land the job. She's the most qualified and the most cutest fashionista I know and love. She craved ice cream so she bought 2 apple fritters or something and a cone. How nice of her. Skated, and skated for 0.2 seconds. When it got really dark I just walked really fast out of fear I might trip on some big rock in front of the moon (?!?) Finally after what seemed like hours, I arrived at my street and a couple of retards who got off the bus were hollering at me. It was really lame and they kept saying damn. Luckily I live so close to the bus stop, otherwise I think I would have shit my pants and kick (push) them in the face. Lahaha. It's sometimes funny when strangers hit on you.. Unfortunately for me, it's never anyone cute.

I'll keep you updated on the skating progress. Right now I'm at like level .5. The least experienced beginner. I'm not even sure of the basics, but all i do is kick and stand, unaware of the proper positions. Hehe, I guess it's kind of materialistic but I know more about the sk8boards that I want than actually skateboarding.
Dream deck #1: customized with gold trucks, white griptape (it'll get dirty but... ahhh I'll be pimpin')

Dream deck #2: Tony Tave- Rainbows Element deck (soo cute!) with pink griptape and gold or pink trucks and heart enjoi wheels...
GOTTA FOCUS ON THE NECESSARY! Teenage wastelaaand.

I'll get better with practice! (which I plan on doing soon and regularly!) Currently I'm borrowing Artemio's element deck. It's awesome.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - 5:50 PM
Back to top, baby.

Summer started last week when exams ended on Thursday. Technically it would've began yesterday since there still was exam review day, but i decided to buck it and just chill with my friends. I kinda wanted to see what I got, though! I seldom study nowadays and I'm interested to see how far my lack of efforts brought me. BUT!!! GRADE 9 IS OVER. (ITS OVER!!!). Summer so far is amazing!

Friday I bought seasons 1, 2, and 3 for South Park at the new Wal-Mart near my house for $12.97. How awesome is that?!?!?! I have season 8, but I'm tryna do the whole chronological order shizz, "mmmkay?" That Wal-Mart is amazing! It sucks for the smaller companies (something I've learned from South Park, lmao... love love love) but- haha, really! It's so fun to be the annoying asians everyone hates once in a while. Wal-Mart really is the perfect setting. Me, Mon, Danny, Tim, and Jorwin were so influenced by the prices we bought "Guess Who" Marvel edition, sour gummies (UHM, YUM) and a 2l of Pepsi, as requested by Dunnnyyy. So many deals and fun stuff brings so many ideas for summer. Plus, there's a McDonalds right thurr. NUFF SED.

Matt and Trey! (my loves)

Saturday I had work at Wild Water Kingdom. That was a bitch. NO ONE WAS THEREEEE holy eff?! It costs mo money fo mo problems. Firstly, there were only 2 people at the pool, and random kids at the splash pads/playgrounds All that water and energy wasted for some 100 people is not worth it. I honestly would rather have rushes because the hours go by.... EVER.... SO... SLOWLY.

Sunday was AMAZING :') Eleisha and I missioned to Pacific Mall. It took probably like 2-3 hours! I bought yellow booty shorts (haha... eff) but they are RULLY cute. They are yellow denim material, frilled at the bottom with 4 cute gold buttons in front of the zipper! So cuuuute, however I'm insanely embarrassed to wear them. JUST A TAD skanky, lmao. We also got these cute as shit little stuffed pastries cell phone dangly things for our cell phones. pics later. I also got a chocolate-shaped mirror. unbelievably cute. I think I want a Japanese phone, but ohhhh man am I poor? I WANT THE EFFING SHINY BIKINI LIKE MADDDD (TURQs.)

Monday was just a little reunion of St. Valentine peeps for Ms. Dalia's leave of absence. Me, Eleisha, Artemio, Danny, and Emily went to my placed and played Cranium, FACEBOOK'D (lol), and went to Streetsville and do the same shit again from 9am-9pm :|

YESTERDAY owned all the otherdays! Me and Mon missioned downtown. Oh wow, and when I say mission I mean.... MISSIONED!!!!! SUCH AN EXHAUSTING DAY. First we arrived at Eatons and ate, dipped. Nothing much there. Spent a good long time at American Apparel (as usual....) and I got Mon a red skirt thinger. I kind of want one myself! It's really cute. As for myself, I bought a shiny tricot skating dress in black. I kind of need the right blazer and black nail polish and gladiators/oxfords for it! Oh my. AND skateboard!

After, we went down Queen Street... longest shit of life. Visited a few vintage shops where Mon bought an amazing beaded native looking belt. Hit up the newest Urban Outfitters (nothing new there... really fresh and nice, though) AND the AA, which is really funny because we visited both these like half an hour earlier but in different places. Theres this cute book store and I really fell in love with the neat finger puppets of famous artists/idols like Frank Lloyd Wright, Queen Elizabeth, and Edgar Allen Poe. There was also a cute little stationary shop right beside it. SOOOO AMAZING =*). I love this street so much, like you almost don't understand. Theres a condo called "The Candy Factory" HOW CUTE IS THAT?! 69 vintage gave me an amazing deal on this turquoise, purple, floral scarf for 5 bucks! FIVE BUCKS. Our time at the park was amazing. Lots of cute doggies and weirdos nearby. We've decided that we must get (basketed) bikes! haha, what fun! I want mine to grow moss and flowers and stars on the wheels =*). After that we breifly visited the St. Valentine Graduated and dipped right after we ate. LOL... ahhh.

Today I did nothing but waste away in my booty shorts I will probably never wear outside of public. Trying so hard not to make this new blog, like I always do every 8 or something months. I am so determined to keep this. It's as if I give up motivation to write daily in a blog so I end all communication and then feel inspired then make a new one. I'm promising this one, as I haven't told anyone except Ally! =*) Who will probably never read this, haha, so privacy is open. whoo.

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